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    Talking Recruiting the Family...

    In more than one thread that has been through this system, someone has asked for ideas on recruitment. In a BS session over a cold one the other night, one of our members pointed out that our membership includes 14 husband & wife teams. That got a few head-scratching surveys started, which found that we include a lot of other family connections as well. We are not claiming any "bright idea" status here, we didn't create our family connections on the membership rolls, it just seemed to happen. My question is - Does anyone actively recruit the family rather than the individual?? If so, how do you go about it? Any success stories?? Tell us about it. Thanks, Stay Safe....
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    I am a third generation FF w/ my town, and like others it was not so much a matter of active recruiting but more of having grown up w/ it and it was made known that if i chose to be involved i was welcome to. My point being i already knew the people and the system where as many of our newer members (mostly new to town) did not know of our on-call status or that if they were willing to put forth the time than they could join. The fire service is very close-knitt and for outsiders is imposing thus making just walking up and asking to join kind of rough ,as apossed to those of us who have known the chief back when he was the LT that let you play w/ the airhorn during parades.
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    We are a very rural department, almost everyone has a relative involved someway with the department. My dad, brother and I are firefighters and my mother is on the auxiliary. As far back as I can remember it has been that way, it was just something you did when you were old enough.

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    My grandfather is a partial active member with 50 years in. My father is County Fire Chief and inactive member with 30 years in. I am active volunteer with same department they are members of and work as career firefighter in another County, 5+ years in. My younger brother is active volunteer member with just over a year on. My cousin is active volunteer member with nearly 5 years. He also works same career department as I, just on different shifts and different engine company. There is one other Father-Son membership at the VFD also. Everyone is made equally as welcome. We had encouragement and motivation to join.


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    We lose a lot of members due to family committments. We found that recruiting families makes it a family 'to do' and they get family time while we get volunteer time. Those with small children are allowed to bring them to training and they can do homework or watch TV in the day room/office while we work. So far so good.
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    Our company is essentially run by two family groups. Shamrock makes a good point that we all need to think about as we try to recruit. We are a close knit group that is largely self sufficient within our communities (except perhaps for funding). It is intimidating to walk up to a firehouse and ask for an application if you have never been around a firehouse before. We need to do a better job of going out into the community to seek new members, rather than waiting for them to come to us.
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    I have been in the department for 4 or 5 years now. I know in that time I have never seen any kind of active recruiting drive. Probably not a bad idea to hit some of the local job fairs, the schools etc., looking for members. I know we only have a couple of members from the younger crowd. I joined because I have friends in the department. I would hear them talking about different things and though I could help. My intent was to roll hose, direct traffic, clean trucks, etc. Next thing I know I'm taking essentials followed shortly by grabbing hose and going into burning building. Wasn't what I had in mind. Over time I went and got my CFR and will be taking the basic EMT course this fall. Once I got involved it sucked me right in. Oh yea, I'm also the teasurer for the association.

    I guess in a sense, it does pull in other people you know and the people you know best are your family.

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