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    Exclamation Small Dept. Needs Help Training

    I work for a small department that functions as a public safety department. Most of the personnel are cross trained as police & fire, but nine of us are dedicated solely to the fire/EMS division. We would like to keep up our skills & fire knowledge, but with only three people per shift it's difficult. Has anyone else been in the position of having a small department with limited opportunities to train; & if so, what did you do to change it?

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    Lightbulb Online or CDROM training...

    Well, given that there are only three staff per shift, that pretty much limits what you can do. Our department is looking into CDROM based training (fire & medical) where a user can test / maintain skill sets, without all of the props / setup / time.

    I am unsure of the products we are specifically looking at (can't remember at the moment.), but you could try this page


    It has a couple of resources for you.

    If you are looking at a lower cost solution, you could always hold a weekend training session or two. You could make it manditory, but you really shouldn't have to, given that it should be up to the individual to activly maintain and upgrade their skill sets.

    Also, try getting together with another local department and arrange some training dates. This will work especially well if you have departments that rarely work together, except in the cases of mutual aid, etc. This gives you more bodies, more equipment, and help to foster better teamwork between departments if the need arises.

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    In our department we have a mandatory training every second thursday of the month as well as a business meeting on the 4th monday. This training counts as part of the 4 hours of min. training our people are required to receive each month. This might be something to try as well.
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