the remains of tropical storm isadore came through the area. wind and rain caused some trees to fall and power outages.
7000 beam road tree fell across the road and closed the road for an hour. vrews from steel creek vfd on scene and removed the tree. no injuries reported.
2505 charlotte ave tree on house. caller reported a tree fell on a house accross the street.units founf very large tree on a house causing damage to the home. all searches were negitive. city street crew called in to remove tree. fire units shut off gas and power.engines6,1, ladder 1 bc 1
w 10th street at adm plant(grain elevator) fire in belt and and wires kept full firat alarm busy for an hour in a 120 foot hugh silo. no injuries reported. damage is minor to plant.engines4,11,1 ladder 4 rescue 10 bc1
gas line break at shooping center. off of s. tryon street gas line in strip mall broke. closing somestores while repairs made. bc 5 with command had all effected stores saerched and were negitive. gas company on scene and repaires were quick. engines12,30,16,ladder 16 haz mat 1,2 . no one injuried