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    Thumbs up New Firefighting Family Here.....

    Hey all, Glad to finally find a firefighting forum

    I guess this is where I tell ya about us...... well, I have been a Firefighter/First Responder for the last 3 years. I have just joined the Avilla Vol. Fire Dept. in Avilla Missouri 2 weeks ago after moving to Carthage Missouri from Arkansas. (I grew up in Carthage, It's my real home )
    Tried to get on at Carthage (paid Dept) BUT I can't because of the crazy age cap thing I'm 39, the age cap is 35 ) oh well, I still get to do what I love to do, Help people in need. I can understand the age cap thing, don't want a 70 yr old man fighting fires, lol. Personally I think you should be able to join at any age with a manditory retirement at age 50 or 55. I first joined and trained in Pea Ridge Arkansas , Vol. Dept., at age 36, had the same problem there. Couldn't join a paid Dept. because I was 1 year over the age cap..... anyway, I wish I would have started this long ago.

    My wife (Dee) has also joined the Avilla Fire Dept. as a First Responder/EMS. I met her after I moved back to Carthage after a divorce. Before I met her, she was on the Galina Kansas EMS Dept. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my boys, She supports me 120% on anything I want to do, including Firefighting.

    My 18 year old son also joined the Avilla Fire Dept. as a Firefighter. When we lived in Arkansas, he went on almost all runs I went on in my POV. He also was involved in alot of the mock trainings we had, He was mostly the victum. Car wrecks and such, never a live fire..... Too dangerious for a 16 yr old. He is currently looking into going to Missouri Southern in Joplin Mo. or Crowder Collage in Neosho Mo. to take Firefighter I and Firefighter II then join a paid Dept. He also wants to go to flight school in Tulsa to become a pilot. Possibly combine both the to fight fires from the air. I am very proud of him 18 and knows what he wants to do with his life, very cool!

    My 16 year old son lives with his mom in Birmingham AL. He's not too interested in firefighting but does support us 100%. He is into 3D graphics, He want to go to work for a car maker and Design cars for them, He already has made alot of cars in 3D, you would think they were actual pics of cars but they arn't, they are awesome!

    Well, I think thats about it, Sorry the post is so long, guess I'm just proud of my whole family

    David Sallee FF/EMS
    Dee Sallee EMS
    Buddy Sallee FF
    Avilla Fire Dept.

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    Cool Very Cool

    Hi and WELCOME to the Sallee Family.

    I thinks its very cool that all of you are into
    fire/rescue as a family. I would think that it
    would make you all very close.

    Like you my older son (13) has been interested in
    becomeing a FF/EMT since he was 2. Next year
    he will become a jr ff. He cant wait. my unger
    son has no interest in any of it at all, although
    he likes coming to the fire house.

    Take some time an read around the forums, theirs alot
    great people that hang around here and are always looking
    for new friends.

    Again WELCOME and hope to see you around the Forums

    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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