I was a local 40 Ironworker working the midnight shift.Somehow,well, it's obvious how,but I caught the virus.It does suck! i had a liver biopsy,the whole 9 yards done,it was less than 6 mos. old. Worker's comp.is fighting me like a bitch,but the judge ordered them to pay up.There's a trial on Oct.7th.Does anyone know of anyone else who caught this at GZ? I know the Ironworkers were never tested.Mine was discovered by accident after the heavy metal tests showed 98% Iron saturation in the liver,then did further tests to determine the damage and found the virus.Actually,I'm lucky.It could have been AIDS.Regardless,there is no cure.It would help to show I'm not he only person there who caught it,but it's likely.I had several stitches on both hands,open burns all the time from using the lance(that monster torch that burnt at 8,000 degrees off the liquid Oxygen tanks) thanks for any help,