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    Default What's this I hear about a new patch for FDNY?

    Hey guys, has anyone heard about this new patch that FDNY might be getting? I saw this patch while I was looking at some shirts online and it sooo different from any patches I've seen. The worst part is that this patch doesn't show any of New York's keepsakes and memorials(except for the Brooklyn Bridge. Worse, they cut off the Twin Towers. Yeah I know they aren't there anymore but I don't want to forget they were there. You all know what I'm speakin about right? I'm just sayin I can't forget a place that I remember seein when I was a kid and sayin that is gone. It'll always be in our hearts and of course of that day. Trust me, I lost a dear friend of mine and it still hurts but I'm not goin to forget where it happened. If you all do view this please reply, I wish to hear your comments as well.

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    Can't say that I've heard this rumor. I wouldn't think the rank and file of FDNY would approve of a new patch that omitted the "Twin Towers" from the logo. After all....we will NEVER FORGET!

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    Cool New Patch for the FDNY

    I belive the patch was being concidered before 9-11
    since then not much has been said. (imagine that).

    I do belive this is the one you are talking about.
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