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  • Paratech struts

    7 50.00%
  • Airshore Rescue Tools

    3 21.43%
  • Holmatro struts

    0 0%
  • Other brand

    4 28.57%
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    Question Who is using Paratech struts?

    Who is using Paratech struts for vehicle rescue? Did you evaluate other brands before choosing Partatech? Now that you've used them, pro's and con's?

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    Prior to purchasing "Rut Struts," we researched what was available and demo'd several different brands at schools and mutual aid trainings.

    After doing so, we felt the best solution (for us) were "Rut Struts," similar to the nightmare struts below.

    Nightmare Rescue Struts

    "Rut Struts"
    (Very similar to above, what we use... sorry, no pics or link available)

    CRUTCH Vehicle Stabilization System
    Couldn't find a link, but here's a pic and the article Ron wrote in FH.

    These styles are simple and are relatively cheap. They work well for stabilizing vehicles, but that's about it. They can't really be adapted to trench work, nor can they be used well with airbags as it is difficult to constantly adjust them as you lift. Doing so would require you to be very close to the load as it is being lifted.

    The Paratech struts (Airshores, etc) can be adjusted to work with an airbag lift, and I believe they can be used as part of a more comprehensive trench/collapse shoring system.

    For your "everday" vehicle stuff though, it's hard to beat the price of these manual struts. I like these better than ZMag and Capabear Claws because you don't need lumber (though if you had to operate outside the 6ish foot range of these other struts, it could be beneficial).

    Capabear Claw (Zmag is very similar)
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    Lightbulb BIG RIG stuff

    Originally omitted, I was referring to heavier struts that are used for big rigs/buses, etc. Also, used for USAR and trench shoring.

    Lets hear what you have to say about your brand, pro's and con's.

    What accessories do you have?

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    Locally we have several companies using Paratech struts. Two companies carry the vehicle stablization kits, with the large base plates and the straps. Several other companies have struts in assorted sizes and base plate combinations - swivel, vee, solid, and the "L" shaped ends. It all adds up to a comprehensive strut package available as mutual aid response, with no single company having a huge huge investment in struts.

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