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    As you all probably know, Fire Prevention Week is October 6-12 this year. And as most of you probably know, most departments that have open houses usually have them during this time frame. So what are some of the things your department does for open house if you have one? We set up the Tower and have the Ropes guys rappel from it. We fill the wash rack with smoke and take the thermal imager around the room, with the transmitter on so the people outside watching the feed from it can see how the imager works. We also have the guys that walk around in gear and talk to kids (which I'll be doing this year, I hope I'm not assigned to first out engine on that day) as well as Smokey and Sparky. The FSH is set up and kids are taken through it, as well as all of the apparatus on display and (of course) handouts for everyone.
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    Open House for us is this Saturday.
    I personally don't know for sure all of the specifics, however I believe we will have:

    Fire Safety House
    Trucks on display (Both ours, and neighboring departments')
    Ambulances on display
    Medevac Landing
    Vehicle rescue demonstration
    Sparky??(not sure at all about this one)
    Some fire prevention stuff (games, etc.. for the kids)
    We'll probably also be handing out safety pamphlets, etc.

    This will be the first one since I joined the department, and I'm kind of looking forward to it.
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    We had ours last Saturday (12th) and here are some of the things we did;

    Fire Prevention pamplets & some stickers
    911 Demonstration
    Some fire videos
    Trucks on display
    Sprinkler Trailer - To show how sprinklers work
    Extrication demonstration
    Smoke house - We filled up the adjacent community center to show how smoke banks down and that it is clearer near the floor.
    "Smokey The Bear" costume & demonstration
    Local arson dog & police K9 Units - Went over very well with the kids as well as some of the adults.

    In addition to refreshments, that is about all we had this year. Went very well, and next year if the weather cooperates with us, we hope to have a much larger turnout with more demonstrations.

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    We didnt have one due to the lack of intrest of the members of our dept. But our dept still did everything with the school.
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