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    Question Factory/Hotel Raise

    My department is currently looking at unusual ladder procedures. I am looking for more information on this particular tactic. The only information that I have at this point is that it is has also been known as hose raise and it is a method of raising a fire department extension ladder in line with several windows so individuals can simultaneously escape from more than one floor. If you know how this is done or know where I can find more information, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmmm, since I had to answer this for someone else last night, first question: You're not in the Willimantic, CT FF-II class, are you?

    Finding out what a Hotel/Factory raise is was their obscure trivia challenge for the week. I knew more-or-less what it was -- more importantly I knew which old IFSTA Ladder Practices book at the station it was in:

    -- Developed for use where rescue from multiple floors is needed. I'm pretty sure you'll find it's origins back in the days of well staffed, horse-drawn companies -- you might be the only crew their for a while.

    -- Need a Pole Ladder, one with tormentors

    -- Need one long or two ropes

    -- Need six men

    1. Ropes are attached to the tip of the fly section. These are used for side-to-side stability. Keep the rope guys out about the same distance as the height of the ladder, lined up parrallel with the width of the ladder.

    2. Two guys man the tormentors, perpendicular to the ladder (actually, probably just a little bit "wider" than perpendicular, but pretty close). They are away from the building side, and give the ladder front-to-back stability.

    3. Two guys foot & raise the ladder.

    4. Here's the fun part:
    A Hotel Raise is not like a standard ladder raise which the fly rests against the building and the ladder is at 70 degrees.
    Rather, the goal in a hotel raise is to have the ladder about 2' from the building at a 90 degree angle -- yep, straight up and down.
    The idea is people can step out of a window, across the space, and get on the ladder -- and people on multiple floors can all do this at once.

    It's a neat skill, but I'm not sure how often any of us would ever use it.

    An equally fun and potentially more common ladder technique is the Audioturiom Raise, which also uses six men.

    Four rope guys at roughly 45 degree angles to the ladder (one rope can do both "ropes" on one side, just tie the middle of the rope to the ladder). 2 guys raise/foot it. The ladder is held at 90 degrees straight up & down by ropes. That might be needed say you have a fire in an electrical fixture in a church or school auditorium and there's no scissor-lift handy.


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    The Hotel or Factory raise and the Dome (Auditorium) raise can be found in the eighth edition of Fire Service Ground Ladder Practices from IFSTA. If the firehouse doesn't have an old copy, try a fire show or muster.

    Good Luck and stay safe

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    I call the Auditorium/Dome raise a Church raise.

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