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    Post Kennebunk Fire and Rescue vessel sinks

    Oh...how embarassing!

    KENNEBUNK, Maine (AP) - The Kennebunk Fire and Rescue team is
    used to rescuing boats in distress.
    On Monday, Kennebunk firefighters found their 26-foot rescue
    boat on the wrong side of an emergency after the vessel sank in
    Kennebunk River.
    Kennebunk Fire Chief Steve Nichols said water entered the boat
    through a hole where the exhaust pipe apparently came loose.
    "It filled faster than the bilge pump could keep up," he said.
    Rescue workers were able to salvage thousands of dollars in
    electrical equipment, but it was unclear how much damage the boat

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    What you like seeing when checking on your vessel.

    What you don't like seeing when checking on your vessel.

    Portland Press Herald Story

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    Default Ooooooooooops, bad stuff happens


    Recue Hovercraft Damaged

    The New Hope Eagle Fire Co.'s rescue hovercraft needed to be rescued itself this week.

    The New Hope Eagle Fire Co.'s rescue hovercraft needed to be rescued itself this week.

    It either "hit something" or had a "mechanical problem" after a rescue attempt Tuesday evening, New Hope Fire Chief Tom Markey said.

    New Hope and Lambertville emergency teams were sent to pull a kayaker from the Delaware River at 7:21 p.m., but the kayaker eventually made it to safety on his own. The hovercraft was returning from the incident when an undetermined problem caused it to stall about 8 p.m.

    A Lambertville team pulled the hovercraft out of the water near Titusville, N.J. The two New Hope firemen operating the vehicle did not suffer serious injuries but were sent to Doylestown Hospital for observation. Markey said the department would conduct an internal investigation.

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