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    Smile Training ideas?

    Hey guys, our training officer really sucks, so I have been wanting to ask my chief if I can take it over, b/c we are getting a lot of new guys, and we all really need to go back to the basics(just as a refresher)! But before I do I need some more ideas for training exercises! So far this is what I have:

    "A firefighter gets lost in a structure, but he finds the hose." How do you get out? (find a coupling and follow the female)

    Since we are mostly a rural fire dept. covering 128sq. mi. we use dump tanks all the time. So we need to teach and relearn how to set up two dump tanks and use a jet siphen between them, and practice pumper to pumper relay out of the dump tanks.

    I also have more, but at the time I don't have my list with if you could give me some more ideas(or add to those I have) I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks

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    IFSTA puts out a book called, "The Sourcebook for fire company training evolutions" I havent used it or read it but the synopsis sounds like it covers alot of good drills. Also Id run them all through FF 1 and 2 practicals. What would be a good idea is to sit down and define what u think a competent firefighter in your dept needs to know and the skills he needs to be proficient at, then you can lay out a training plan of diff training classes in order to get an untrained person to that ideal.

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    Default Bread N Butter Drills

    Our Dept. recently iniated "Tuesday Bread N Butter" drills. These are 10 drills made up from all the captains pertaining to more basic firefighting scenarios (nothing too complicated) here are a few:

    1. Fully involved vehicle fire in a carport of multi-family/ multi story complex. Scenario gives 1st alarm assignment units, conditions and whether there is a rescue or exposure problem.

    2. Attic fire in a single family/2-story home with high wind conditions.

    3. Overturned gasoline tanker in residential neighborhood. Spilling fuel seeks pilot light in basement of nearby home. (little more involved- calls for 2nd alarm or more)

    4. Kitchen fire during Masonic Temple meeting. Drill focus's on keeping fire contained to one room, chaneling smoke away from occupants of nearby room and safe evacuation.

    Hope this helps

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    Lightbulb 5 Minute Drill

    Ask for permision to do drills on your own, get a place to practice (the barn if nothing else) and set up a "typical" 1st response drill (ladder & vent, search, suppesion, hitch to a hydrant or drop the tank). Ask if anyone wants to "come play" say on Sat AM's. If 4 people show up, run each segment of the drill until you're tired or out of time (we're starting the breakfast club, drill 8-10 and go eat together). If you have a decent turnout (say 10) you could run multiple asignments, as long as you have experianced people to guide the youngin's along. Set a goal like 5 minutes from sitting in the truck to all tasks completed and do it every saturday, rotating crews. "Simulate" some aspects of the drill, like bring a saw on the roof, start it (but don't cut obviously), shut down, talk about what you'd really do, and climb down. Drag a hose right through the apparatus bay and shoot at a target set up out side the other end. Put wax paper over the SCBA masks of the search crew and with the lights out make them find a vic, (hose dummy, real dummy, or volunteer) and recover the vic. You can set up a maze with folding tables, a "wire trap" made from cheap twine and two pieces of peg board. When you repeatedly do it in 5 minutes, its time I think up a new drill, but I bet it'll take you a couple of months to get it under 10 minutes.

    Your training is only limited by your time and imagination. Just get an OK from the chief first, and who shows up will be a good indicator of who will turn out to be a great volunteer.

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