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    Default Rally With The Fdny

    As posted earlier, Friday will see the FDNY brothers rally for a decent wage. Not because of 9-11 and not because FFs will be in town.

    The reason is, NYC Firefighters cannot live on their single salary.

    Please join this rally for a noble cause. The information can be found at the link below:


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    Default rally

    EngineLt. I certainly hope the rally works for you guys....
    Everyone sure knows you deserve it and more. Good luck.

    "God Bless the fallen members of the FDNY, thier families and Loved ones"
    Please never forget 9/11

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    NEW YORK (AP) - Frustration is growing in firehouses as a
    contract dispute pits the city's fiscal strains against
    firefighters' calls for pay to match their Sept. 11 sacrifices.
    Labor leaders expect union delegates to reject a contract,
    negotiated with the administration of former Mayor Rudolph
    Giuliani, when they vote Thursday morning. On Friday, the Uniformed
    Firefighters Association plans a Central Park rally including
    thousands of firefighters arriving from around the world for a
    Saturday memorial to those killed in the 2001 World Trade Center
    Leaders of the 9,000-member fire union say they believe they can
    win from city leaders a raise reflecting members' new role on the
    front line against terrorism.
    The Fire Department of New York lost 343 members on Sept. 11.
    "Of all the things they've said about how heroic firefighters
    are, we take them at their word that they actually meant those
    things they said about us," union president Steve Cassidy said.
    "We are not like everybody else."
    But increasing public concern about tax hikes and budget cuts
    could prevent goodwill toward firefighters from becoming a
    broad-based call for higher pay, some outside experts said.
    With a $42 billion annual budget, New York City faces an
    estimated deficit of $5 billion to $6 billion next year.
    "In a sense, their time has passed. The discussion and the
    public is really focusing on the looming budget crisis," said
    Chuck Brecher, research director for the Citizens Budget
    Commission, a business-funded fiscal watchdog organization.
    Rank-and-file firefighters have worked for more than two years
    without a raise or union contract. A recruit earns about $31,000 a
    year. After 20 years, annual salaries can reach about $55,000.
    The standing offer to provide an 11.5 percent raise over 30
    months was approved by union leaders last year before the trade
    center attack delayed a general vote.
    Cassidy, who was elected in July, said he is looking for a deal
    like that made by city teachers, whose union recently added 20
    minutes to the school day in exchange for pay increases of up to 22
    But many rank-and-file firefighters doubt they will receive more
    than the police union, which got an 11.5 percent raise over two
    years from a state arbitration panel last month.
    "I think it's a lost cause," said Tony Cummo, a Brooklyn
    firefighter with 25 years on the job. "September 11 has come and
    gone and we're still without a contract, and it's a slap in my face
    to me and family and to all the other firefighters and their
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration last week criticized as
    "unseemly" the timing of the fire union rally a day before the
    memorial. Spokesman Ed Skyler said this week that political
    pressure won't alter the need for deep sacrifices in the face of
    annual budget deficits forecast at more than $5 billion in coming
    "The city is in the midst of a severe fiscal crisis," Skyler
    said. "Printing money is not an option, regardless of the
    constituency. ... There is no question that this city and this
    mayor is incredibly proud, but we simply can't give them what we
    don't have."

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    I feel physically ill after reading that.


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