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    Default Rescue Truck Inventories

    If anyone out there has an inventory list for their Heavy Rescue (especially Rescue/Pumper) saved to a disk I could use your help! I would like to see what other departments are carrying while we consider what we are going to put on ours. If you are willing and able to share the file, please send it as an attachment to wcfra@aol.com .

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

    "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter

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    Wow... a late-night shift in the commcenter... it's so quiet that I can go compartment-by-compartment!

    Asterisks denotes upcoming purchases.

    Front Bumper
    - 100' HRT Hose on reel
    - Paint Marking Wand
    - Glas-Master Glass Removal Tool
    - Contractor-Grade Stanley Hacksaw w/spare blades
    - Hood Release Cable Tool
    - Battery Cable Cutters
    - Linesman Cutters
    - Wire Cutters
    - Res-Q-Wrenches, 2
    - 4-in-1 Screwdriver
    - Adjustable Wrench
    - Amkus Combi tool, preconnected
    - Two 10' lengths of Paratech Chain

    - SCBA, 5
    - AED
    - ALS Kit
    - Portable Radio and charger
    - Map box and maps
    - Backing Camera Screen
    - Cell Phone
    - Radio
    - Helicopter LZ kit
    - Clipboards
    - GLoves, Goggles, Masks
    - T3 Thermal Imager and charger
    - Streamlight Box Lanterns, 4
    - Arizona START Triage Pack
    *** Metal-Halide Light Tower on roof
    *** 2 Front-Facing Magnafire 12V HID scene lights on roof

    - 200 feet of 1.75", preconnected CAFS, Two
    - 200 feet of 1.75" deadlay
    - 200 feet 2.5", preconnected CAFS, 1
    - 200 feet 2.5", preconnected water, 1
    - 1300 feet 5" LDH
    - several spare rolls in Driver #1, and Rear
    - Two 10' 6" suction hoses
    - Two 10' 3" suction hoses (nested in big ones)

    - 2000gpm Hale Q-Max
    - Pneumaxx 200 CFM Air Compressor
    - Class 1 gauges
    - FoamPro 2001 proportioner

    - 750 gallons Water
    - 50 gallons Class A Foam

    Deck Gun
    - Akron Extenda-Gun with remote control

    Driver #1
    - Circuit Breaker, Hydragen display
    - 200' electrical reel with junction box
    - Several spare nozzles, foam nozzles
    - 30' electrical cord on hand reel
    - Portable radio and charger
    - 2 tool boxes with drawers, removeable (sockets, etc.)
    - Assorted hose rolls
    - Tool board with numerous fittings, wrenches, and adapters
    - Tool board with hand tools (irons, axes, hooks, pikes, etc.)
    - A little "junk bin" with some spare marking paint, duct tape, WD-40, etc.
    - Wheel Chocks
    - 4 Mini Folding Traffic Cones in a bag

    Driver #2
    - Spinal Immobilization Kit (KED, blocks, straps, collars)
    - 4 PFD's
    - 2 Water Throwbags
    - Drinking water
    - Tank Plug kit
    - 1 SCBA
    - PW, BC Dry Chem, BC CO2 extinguishers
    - 8 Spare SCBA cylinders
    *** Swiftwater Rescue Helmets

    Driver #3
    - Numerous Salvage Covers
    - Chain Saw with accessories and fuel
    - Electric Smoke Ejector with door-jam/window holder
    - Gas Powered PPV fan and fuel
    - Stokes Basket
    - Reeves Sleeve
    - 8 large traffic cones
    - 2 Stop/Slow signs
    - Reflective Vests
    *** Rotary Saw
    *** Little Giant Ladder

    - TFT Blitz Fire monitor with accessories, soon to be preconnected
    - Floating Strainer
    - Portable Water Pump (forestry)
    - Hydrant Valve
    - 25 feet 5" LDH
    - Hydrant Bucket with wrench, spanners, butterfly valve, storz adapter
    - 14' Roof ladder
    - 28' Extension ladder
    - 8' Folding ladder
    - Couple of pike poles
    - 2 backboards

    Passenger #1
    - 200' of electrical cord on reel with junction box
    - Miscellaneous electrical adapters hanging
    - several 35-50' lengths of electrical cord on hand reels
    - 2 500W scene lights, portable
    - 2 Electric Reciprocating saws with spare blades
    - 5 Paratech High Pressure Lifting Bags
    - Wood and rubber squares for the lifting bags
    - Paratech Air hoses, numerous
    - 2 Paratech air controllers
    - Utility air regulator
    - Miscellaneous Air fittings
    - Air Chisel
    - Air ratchet
    - 200' Utility Air Reel
    - Two 12' Lengths of Paratech Chain
    - Numerous chain accessories
    - Nylon bridles/anchor straps
    - 2 Wire Come-alongs
    - 1 Chain come-along
    - Warn 4ton portable winch for all sides of truck
    *** Air Struts (probably Paratech)
    *** Cutting Torch (decisions, decisions...)
    *** Cordless tools (recip saw and drill)

    Passenger #2
    - Filled with 4"x4" cribbing
    - 8 Step Chocks
    - Wedges, 2"x4"s
    *** More cribbing, including 6"x6" lumber.. basically fill the whole thing!

    Passenger #3
    - Amkus Pendant Controller, 100' reel
    - Two color-coded Amkus HRT reels, 100'
    - Three sets of color-coded 30' Ankus HRT extension hoses
    - 15 gallons of Speedi-Dry (in Class A foam pails... very handy)
    - Spare HRT Oil, 3 gallons
    - Four sets of ratchet-straps
    - Porta-Power Spreader (mini-one)
    - Amkus Cutters
    - 2 Lukas Rams and accessories
    - 2 Extrication Plates
    - Extrication tarp
    - Edge Protectors
    - Amkus Speedway Cutters, preconnected
    - Amkus 32" Spreaders, preconnected
    - Amkus Portable HRT pump, with gas
    - 2 "Rut Strut" Tensioned Buttress Stabilizers
    - 2 Brooms
    *** Amkus Rams
    *** Pickets for a Picket stabilization system
    *** Basofil Patient Blanket (soft protection)
    *** Protective Boards (hard protection)

    - 10 backboards, headblocks, and duct tape
    - 3 Conterra MCI bags... for 24 patients
    - Pads, Booms, extra speedi-dry
    - 15 gallons extra Class A foam
    - Small selection of foresty tools
    - 2 300' rescue ropes
    - 1 150' rescue rope
    - assorted rigging, carabiners, pulleys, descenders, webbing, cord
    - SKED
    - harnesses
    *** new harnesses
    *** additional rope

    - On-Spot Chains
    - 15kW Harrison Hydragen
    - 4 fixed 750W side scene lights
    - 2 telescopic 750W scene lights
    - 2 removeable tripod 750W scene lights (preconnected)
    - Amkus Ultimate System
    *** RIT pack
    *** lighted search rope

    I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff... if I remember things (or if Fire304 points out omissions), we'll update it.
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    Here's a good inventory I found on the internet (Franklin Square FD, NY) http://www.fsmfd.com/PDF%20Files/719...0inventory.pdf

    Here's a basic breakdown on my dept's rescue, which we are still adding to:
    Heavy Hydraulics: Hurst Transformer spreaders (with additional arms, attachments, and chains), Cutters, Combi Tool, 2 rams (long & short), extra hose, electric pump and gas pump.
    Cutting: Electric Saws-All, battery powered saw, hacksaws, air chisel, glassmaster, pick axes, flathead & pickhead axes
    Various hand tools, such as air ratchet, wrenches, halligans, jack, come-along,etc
    Air bag set (I think 6-8 bags total)
    Stokes basket, KED, backboards, c-collars, and some assorted other medical equipment
    Lots of cribbing
    Scene lighting, both portable and fixed (including mast lighting) along with 2 generators, fixed cord reel, portable cord reel, and lose cord
    A few air packs, fixed winch, some limited hand hydraulics, dry chem extinguisher
    Some assorted other stuff I can't think of right now.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    sponge, on that link it shows that on Drivers Side #3 they carry 21 Scott Bottles. is that correct?
    NREMT-P\ Reserve Volunteer Firefighter\Reserve Police Officer
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    Originally posted by drkblram
    This is a fully capable class A pumper as well as a rescue.
    Any way for us to see some pix of your truck?

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    We have three rescue/engines, and normally run one to any accident with unknown or reported injuies. If the vehicle is reported to be unstable or it sounds like entrapment is likely, the rescue truck runs first followed by the engine. Below is a list of the rescue/engines equipment. Let me know if you need more info.

    Check out the manufacturers site: http://www.precisionfireapparatus.com/mtlebanon.html

    SPARTAN model MFD 6-man aluminum tilt cab with 10” raised roof
    DETROIT DIESEL 430 horsepower Series 60 engine with Jacobs engine brake
    ALLISON HD4060P automatic transmission
    CLASS 1 multiplexed electrical system
    LED lighting for stop, tail, turn, and marker lights
    INSTA-CHAIN automatic tire chains
    DAVID CLARK headset system with two-radio control (VHF-High & UHF)
    FEDERAL and POWER ARC emergency lighting
    GROVER air horns
    PRECISION FIRE APPARATUS stainless steel body
    Six 24” deep rescue-style side body compartments
    One 48” wide transverse (through-body) compartment
    Two top-side storage compartments
    ROBINSON roll-up doors
    ACCESS LADDER to apparatus roof
    DIAMOND PLATE hosebed cover
    DUAL HYDRAULIC LADDER RACKS with two 14’, one 24’, and one 35’ ladder
    HALE model RME 1500 GPM rear-mounted pump
    Hale TPM relief valve
    Detroit Diesel Fire Commander pressure governor
    Fire Research LED tank level gauges
    Stainless steel schedule 40 pump plumbing
    UPF Poly-Tank - 500 gal. water, 15 gal. Class A foam, 85 gal. Class B foam
    FOAM-PRO 2002 automatic proportioner
    AKRON Deckmaster remote-controlled deck gun
    TFT BLITZFIRE portable monitor
    AMPS 15 KW hydraulic generator
    HANNAY power rewind reels with 150’ of 10/4 cable
    FIRE RESEARCH FOCUS 750 watt floodlights
    WILBURT 3000 watt light tower
    HOLMATRO combi-tool, 100’ reel, and electric power unit


    Cab Motorola MT-2000 UHF portable radios (4)
    Lightbox handlights (5)
    MSA Evolution 4000 Thermal Imager
    60 minute SCBA (5)
    Quartz lights, 750 watt (3–front,left,& right)
    Map books
    Clip boards
    UHF mobile radio
    VHF-high band mobile radio
    Command / accountability boards
    Drinking water
    Traffic vests
    Meters – LEL, CO, O/2
    Digital & 35mm cameras
    Tac-Stick voltage detector
    Smoke detector kit
    Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s)
    Water rescue throw rope

    Driver-1 2 ½” x 200 preconnect (foam capable)
    1 Ύ” x 150’ preconnect (2) (foam capable)
    1 Ύ” x 200’ preconnect (foam capable)
    1 Ύ” x 150’ hi-rise pack (2)
    2 ½” x 100’ hi-rise pack (2)
    150’ power rewind cord reel with lighted junction box
    Sprinkler chamber
    Little Giant 17’ ladder
    Long backboard
    Plywood panels 18” x 36”
    Portable generator – 1500 watts

    Driver-2 30 minute SCBA (6)
    Oil dry
    Traffic cones
    Extinguishers – ABC, A foam, B foam, CO/2, Metal-X
    Soda ash
    Garbage bags

    Driver-3 Lockout/tagout kit
    Hi-temp gloves
    Linesman gloves
    PPE box
    Road flares
    Fire line tape
    AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
    EMS jumpkit
    C-Collar bag

    Driver-4 Pump panel
    Fittings and adapters
    5” x 50’ hose
    5” distributor Bresnan distributor
    5” hose roller
    Rubber mallet
    Smoothbore tips for Blitzfire
    Hydraulics chart

    Ladder Rack-30 minute SCBA cylinders (2)

    Side Tubes 60 minute SCBA cylinders (2)

    Officer-1 1 Ύ” x 150’ preconnects (2) (foam capable)
    1 Ύ” x 200’ preconnect (foam capable)
    2 ½” x 200 preconnect (foam capable)
    1 Ύ” x 150’ hi-rise pack (2)
    2 ½” x 100’ hi-rise pack (2)
    150’ power rewind cord reel with lighted junction box
    Holmatro combi-tool with 100’ reel
    Circuit breaker panel
    6 foot New York hooks (2)

    Officer-2 Holmatro power unit
    Cribbing bags (2)
    Tool bag (primary)
    Tool box (secondary)
    Come-a-long and chains box
    Step chocks
    Extrication bag
    Sawzall/Circular Saw/Drill
    Junc-A-Lite 500 watt floodlight / junction box (2)
    Cord bags,125’ (2)
    Electrical adapters
    Junction box
    Leak seal kit

    Officer-3 Salvage vac
    Submersible pumps (2)
    75’ x 1 ½” trash line

    Officer-4 Super Vac 16” high-speed electric fan
    Super Vac 18” gas PPV fan
    Irons (2 sets)
    Bolt cutters
    Sledge hammer
    Pick-head axe
    Short pike poles
    Brooms Cutters Edge chain saw
    Gasoline cans, 1 gallon each regular & 2-cycle
    Saw tool box
    Stair runners
    Salvage covers

    Ladder Rack 30 minute S.C.B.A. cylinders (2)

    Side Tubes 30 minute S.C.B.A. cylinders (2)

    Rear Pike poles –8’ (2 each)
    Attic ladder

    Topside Cool-Mist rehab mister
    Hazmat suits – Tyvek level B
    Disposable booties
    Absorbent materials
    Smoothbore stacked tips Spanner wrench set
    Roll of plastic sheeting
    Roofing & Double headed nails
    2 collapsible indian tanks
    Water cooler 2 gallon

    Hosebed 5” x 1200’ supply line
    3 ½” x 400’ hose
    2 ½” x 200’ deadlay
    3” x 100’ step gun line

    Tailboard Humat valve
    Hydrant wrench & spanners
    Blitzfire step gun w/ fog nozzle
    750 watt tripod light
    5” x 25’ preconnected hose with Bliss fitting
    Ladder to top of apparatus

    Underbody Wheel chocks
    R.A. Ricciuti
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    Originally posted by drkblram
    some of the pics in the accident pics would provide lutan fodder for enough WWYD's for the rest of the year, and then some.

    Thanks for the links! The TCFD site has pulled through yet once more (*looks for Jay's approval* hehe)

    Wow, that truck is dressed for battle. Is there room for FF's on it? I like!
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    Lets see:

    front mount winch
    2 electric reels w/4 outlet junction box
    1- light tower
    4- 1500w tripod lights
    4- backboards
    1- stokes basket
    2- high lift jacks
    1- "can opener"
    3- recip saws
    lots and lots of cribbing
    3- tool boxes of hand tools(wrenches,sockets,etc)
    4- spare sets of turnout gear
    2- hydraulic reels
    1 each- Hurst spreader, cutter, combi-tool, ram
    6- handlights
    1- attic ladder
    5- airbags
    air hammer, impact wrench, 3" cut-off saw
    chain saw
    portable gas powered winch
    porta power
    several bottle jacks, tarps, crow bars, axes, hack saws, glass tools, chains, binders, ratchet straps, ropes, pfd's, ems supplies, radio's, camera's, SCBA bottles, extension cords, etc., etc.

    I'm sure I forgot some stuff!!

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