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    Default Flexlite Liteline


    Does anyone have any experience or stories to share about the Liteline?

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    A short time after the fatal fire in Worcester, MA that killed six of our Brothers, the company that makes the product you mention placed an ad that implied that none of the fallen would have died that night if they had been using this product. This ad was in very poor taste, and it ****ed off a large portion of the fire service.

    I wasn't at that fire, so I don't have first hand knowledge. However, I have been to several fires where one couldn't see even a faint glow from their flashlights. Would this illuminated rope have made a difference? It's hard to say. But I'm honest enough to say that I still feel enraged at the tactic that company chose to advertise it's product, and I am not interested in what they have to say.

    My $0.02.

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    Regardless of their ad, lighted search line is a great tool. Once deployed it not only shows the exit, but lights an area around the rope. We had some customized with red and green lights every few feet to designate the way to the exit. Under heavy smoke conditions (test condition, banked to floor) we could see if laying at floor level from around 30'. With any lift in the smoke at all that distance increases dramatically. Have not been able to deploy at a fire yet, but definitely feel its worth it.

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