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    Talking Ff1

    pretty soon (in about 8 months) i will be taking FF1 or something like that. its a week long program at a FF school. i'm only 16 and will be taking it. gonna be fun.
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    Remember that this "fun" is actually work, people can die because they thought it was fun... As long as you remember the importance of the training, pay attention, and do what the instructors tell you to do and don't get discourage because they told you, you made a mistake.. It's because they don't want to see you or someone else hurt or killed.

    I like to encourage you to take all the training you can and continue as a volunteer no matter where you may live in future.. I started as junior firefighter at the age of 14, I now been in the field 21 years..

    The training maybe fun, but remember the serious of your job and the possible outcomes of someone making a mistake...

    Learn a lot and be safe.... Also remember no one is perfect, except God, if you make a mistake learn from that mistake, it could just save your life or someone elses life one day...

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at anytime...


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