I would like to ask all out there about job protection. In my state (MN) the National Guard can be called upon for natural disasters, war, and fires etc. When they get called up for duty they have to leave home, family and careers, but they are all protected by at least state law (Federal?). So when they come back from their time of duty they still have their jobs that are protected by law. My question is why do we (MN firefighters) not have the same kind of protections? If we get called to go out as an AD, we donít get the same privileges as other government employees (at least in this state). Iím wondering if any of the other states in our country have laws to protect us from loosing our jobs when we leave for fire duty?

I would like to state that I am not mad or angry with this. I would like to just get some info from other sources other than in state. I believe that our National Guard is an honorable profession and I support them whole-heartedly.

Do you think we should be protected or not?