As I sat in church this morning I noticed that my chief's wife was sitting there with their son. Where was the chief? As I pondered this question I started thinking about all of the problems that many fire department have. Whether they are volunteer, call, combined or some other form I thought, "are the problems that we hear about (arguments, attacks, games...) the result of now spiritual foundation in the fire house"? I'm thinking way beyond the normal rough talk, but to some fundamental behavorial improvement that just might resolve some of the foolishness that goes on. For example respect, if a person cannot respect another human being, it boils down to personal self respect (obviously they must not respect themselves). I believe that it might just be possible that a fire chaplain, do the right non-denominational job, might just serve as a catalyst to changing the childish behavior that has crept into so many fire departments. It would be real interesting to see if those who have and those who haven't got fire chaplains whether they have or don't have the "bad behavior" attribute. In the meantime, I think I will see what the chief thinks, and maybe (just maybe) his son can grow up saying that dad was a part of his christian upbringing and not just his mom.