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    Question Portable Radio per Position?

    Does your career department have Portable Radios assigned to each "seat" on the Engine or Truck?

    We are working on a project to justify the expense of purchasing approximately 75 portable radios to have a portable for every "position" on the apparatus.

    I would like to know many Fire Stations your Department has and how portables are assigned.

    I also need to know the name of the Department and any Contact information you can provide.

    Lt. Dan

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    I sent that info to you via e-mail. If you do not get it, let me know. Good luck...


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    Default Portables

    Hey Dan

    I belong to a large fire department with 20 stations,we have two portables asigned to each truck one for the captain and the second for the senior man on the truck.If we are using a R.I.T team then each member will have a portable.The spaires are carried on the D.C van.
    Hope this helps?
    stay safe!

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    Default radios

    Lt Dan

    I sent you an e-mail with some info on whatr we do.

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    My dept. has an on duty strength of minimum manning of 20 with up to 23 at maximum. Each member has a portable radio for both accountability and safety reasons. Each radio has an ID code corresponding to Co. type, piece, and position. Example: 2011
    Engine Co. 1 officer. Providence which is large dept. has 100+ members on duty at a time has radios for each member on duty for the same reasons we do. They had a Lt. get trapped and almost killed 6 1/2 years ago and insufficient radios and radio IDing were key factors. I believe it is crucial, at least to keep everyone on the fireground on the same page and give them a way to communicate if danger arises. Another dept. next to us, Johnston issued personal portables to every member, with their roll call number as the ID. Helps big time with accountability.
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    I know of several departments around me that have a portable radio for every position that is manned. This is for both safety AND for a firefighter's awareness on the fireground.

    The main problem with this is that they have experienced a problem with people talking unnecesarily. If you implement radios for every position then you need to implement STRICT radio control. Just because you have a radio does not mean that you need to use it. It is more of a device to keep you abreast of what is going on at the scene. You only need to use if you get into trouble or have some pertinent information for you officer or the IC.
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    Our combination department has assigned one portable to each of the career members on duty and made 2 portables available to each of the volunteer engines, ladder and rescue. We've had no problems with "nonsense chatter". The same people that talked too much before, are the smaeones that talk too much now. It's just that the rest of us are safer.

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    Lt Dan,

    My Department currently has 1 per position per front line piece.

    ENG4 - OIC, Operator, Tail
    ENG5 - OIC, Operator, Tail
    RES1 - Driver, Patient Care
    TRK1 - Operator, Rider

    Reserve/Working Fire (Respond when staffed by call back FT personnel)

    RES2 - Driver, Patient Care (cross-manned by ENG$ & TRK1)
    ENG3 - OIC
    TRK2 - Operator
    RES3 - Driver
    ENG6 - OIC

    Administrative personnel carry 1 each
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    WOW!!!! You have radios that actually work, I wish we were as fortunate.

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    No one said they had to work,Ha Ha Ha I guess thats for anouther thread.
    Great point!!!!!

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