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    Default Insurance reimbursement for fire and highway incidents??

    I just became a member of the Schurz Volunteer Fire Department on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation in Nevada. My interest is finding funding through insurance claims. We already bill insurance claims for EMS and extrication. But, what about backhoe time to clean up a manure truck spill?? Also, the manure truck had no injuries and no fire but, can we bill for the response of the firetruck, rescue truck, and EMS? I have the insurance information for the truck that overturned. Does anyone have any advise on how to complete the paperwork to be submitted to the insurance company? Can we request payment for the fire, rescue, and EMS even though there were no direct services provided other than responding?

    Thanks for any advise.

    Tad Williams

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    We have had limited success in billing for accident response. Some insurance companies wil pay others will not even acknowledge the bill.

    Our billing has been for incidents involving haz-mat. If the bill is reasonable and you can justify the costs you may receive some payment. If you had ten people on the scene and two trucks but it only took four people to clean up and one truck for coverage, bill for the four and one truck. You should be able to show how you arrived at the figures. We use the rates from our forestry contract for personnel and equipment. Supplies are billed at cost.

    Check with the vehicle owner(s) on insurance coverage. Some of the larger commercial trucking companies have a deductible of $100,000.00 or more. If there is a large deductible the insurance company may deny the claim. You may be able to collect by billing the vehicle owner(s).

    In your particular case, who ordered the backhoe? If it was done at the request of, or the consent of the vehicle owner, you should be able to bill for it. If you did it on your own, the vehicle owner could refuse payment on the grounds that it was done without prior consent.

    Stay Safe

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