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    Default Light Fanatics, CLICK HERE..You wanna talk lights Lets talk...

    Now before I start, let me say this. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE. All though alot of people, WILL, mis understand it, and reply. "Well were interested in em,, and they get us to the station quicker" WELL DONT, thats not what I want...

    Now, what was I saying... Ook.. the whole warning light thing is OLD, thats it OLD, not nessacerily a bad one, JUST OLD...Alot of people are tired of reading the same things, over and over and over again.. Im not telling you to stop, just of you wanna know bout em, search in past fourms, or something that want cause so many headaches, THE BEST WAY FOR YOU TO LEARN ABOUT your LIGHT LAWS is to ask YOUR chief...and i bet my last dollar and more, that if you tell him your running around with all these lights and sirens in your car, than something will come of it......

    Now it was posted A LONG< LONG< LONG< time ago, in yet ANOTHER, light post. Is that you should reply with TWO subjects.....

    and another being YOU LIGHTS

    Now this IS NOT ANOTHER light discussion, but only to prove mine and other points, THAT some of the people will have MORE LIGHTS THAN CERTS...

    WEBTEAM, this is not meant as an argument, but only meant as trying to prove a point.

    If you wanna argue, than look somewhere else..

    I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO WHO origanaly, BROUGHT THIS UP. I just cant remember who....

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    ????? i dont know either fireman
    Burgess Wills
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    Chuckatuck Vol. Fire Department

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    Question hmmm

    sounds like the young man of the street girls is venting! he may have a point though. yes i have lights, and i think i agree with him. he may mean that people tend to think that each time they get a cert. or just another birthday, its time for ANOTHER LIGHT! but i could be wrong, i can't tell right now. o well, time to hit the bar....
    Matt G. Warminster Fire Dept. Station 90
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    OK.. Now that I have had a few to calm down, let me say that 90 Truck was, SOMEWHAT on the right trail. What iit did say was that everyone, wants to run lights and sirens, doing 80 down the road but alot of them have not as many certs...

    So heres the challenge, not mine, another fourms member came up with it..Just cant think of who...

    LIST A List B
    certs lights

    This simple, and well see who has more certs than lights....(Chuckles, sarcasticly), this should be fun.......

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    Seems to me like your just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing so you can jump all over them .

    Anyways, I do agree with you that there are a lot of people out there who will have more lights than certs. But, thats not always such a bad thing. I mean, having a lot of lights, or no lights, doesn't make anybody a better or worse firefighter. There are probably lots of people out there (including people on this forum) who cover their car with lights just because they are so damn proud to be in the fire service. And they want everyone out there to know it. However, there are a few wackos out there who will respond to the fire station looking like a NASA Space Shuttle blowing every red light and stop sign on the way there.

    But if someones car is covered in lights, and they act professional (not speeding, yielding, stopping at stop signs and red lights), then they shouldn't be looked upon as having an obsession with lights so they can speed and what not. Personally, I would rather have someone who responds safely with every kind of light ever made on their car, rather than someone who has 1 dash-mount blue light who drives 80 mph and breaks all traffic laws. It's just my opinion that is should matter how a firefighter/junior acts in their vehicle, and shouldn't depend on what their certs are. I guess thats just what I think.

    If that totally missed the point of your thread (which you say everyone else has so far ), then please accept my apology.
    "A greater love hath no man than this...."

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