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    Default Money not going to the right places

    My department has about 2,000 sleeping night time residents and is part of a very rapidly expanding community. We do a very small amount of calls, 150 - 200, but a very large number of fires compared to the surrounding area.

    Our building is falling down around us, to the point where steel beams and other support structures needed to be added in order to stop the building from collapsing on top of our rigs.

    I've been reading what departments have been receiving money and at least in our case i think that its a serious error that we have not recieved the money needed to build a new building. It is my guess that our company is not the only fire department suffering from neglect.

    The city right next to our department received $139 million in grants, yet for $500,000 we could have built a station to replace the 80 year old bus garage we currently use.

    I hope other companies dont get the same treatment like ours have

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    Post Not a stated objective!

    No disrespect intended here, but building permanent structures such as stations was not stated goal of the Fire grant program. I sure dont doubt your need by the sound of it. Our station is not much better, it was fabricated from pole barn kits by our local residents. You may want to look at how funding an Operations and Safety project that corrects other deficient areas would free up capital to repair your station. Competition is so keen here that not understanding the rules and objectives invites certain failure.

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    For rural building initiatives, check out this USDA site.


    They provide funding for public service buildings in rural communities, and it sure sounds like you would qualify.

    Here's a press release from one community that received both a grant and a loan.


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    We received community development block grant (CDBG) funding from our county commissioners to purchase the supplies to construct our building which we then built ourselves.

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