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    First of all let me say what an awesome honor it was to march along with 55,000+ brothers and sisters in memory of New Yorks Bravest. New York City, you were such a gracious host, we were treated like kings in your town, the best, nothing less. Everywhere myself and the 9 other fire fighters from Leduc Alberta Canada went we were held in high esteem and given the royal treatment, unto that New York you are to be saluted. To the guys at Battalion 8 (Lexington & 51st.), thank you for your kind and gracious hospitality, you guys are the best!
    Squad Co. 1, my favorite station, fantastic time spent with you guys, thanks for letting a bunch of crazy Canucks slide the brass pole! . To the guys at Ladder 7 thanks for helping us find a place to buy rain coats, they WERE used!! To the men and woman of NYPD thanks for the fellowship and encouragement you displayed to us, it meant a lot, to the folks at the 17th Precinct thanks for putting up with a couple of slightly inebriated, no,I mean very drunk FFs, we all had a good laugh .
    Turtle Creek, Clanceys, Murphys, Thady Cons, I don't believe your establishments will ever be the same! To the folks at O'Haras, you guys outdone yourselves and made us feel more than kings. We had a blast and got dry when we were absolutly soaked, thanks.
    To the folks at the 10 & 10, we would love to come back and see you when you get back to your old digs. Who knows?
    To everyone at the FDNY thanks. Keep the Faith brothers and sisters, good will prevail.

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    AMEN: All of NYC were great hosts. We will never forget......

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