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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

· DOVER, NH: 2nd Alarm on arrival at 31 Dover Street. OIC reports heavy fire showing from 2nd floor of an occupied building. *154.295* [TAC9-C101]. 1:41a.m.

· Update - DOVER, NH: 2nd Alarm at 31 Dover Street. Interior crews report heavy fire knocked down on floor 2 checking 3rd floor for extension. Primary search is negative. M/A to work & cover. *154.295* C603 [TAC9-C101]. 1:52a.m.

· JACKMAN, ME: Working fire on Long Pond Road. A building fire. M/A to cover. *154.325* [TAC9-C101]. 1:55a.m.

· Update - DOVER, NH: 2nd Alarm at 31 Dover Street. Interior crews now reporting heavy fire in the attic of a 3-story wood frame occupied multiple dwelling. M/A from Rollinsford and Somersworth to work. Co.'s are venting the roof. *154.295* C603 [TAC9-C101]. 1:58a.m.

· 3rd Alarm - DOVER, NH: 31 Dover Street. OIC reports heavy fire on floor 3 and thru the roof of a 3-story wood frame occupied multiple dwelling. Several towns M/A to work & cover. *154.295* C603 [TAC9-C101]. 2:06a.m.

· BALTIMORE, MD (57-16): **2nd Alarm** vacant dwelling at Chesapeake Ave & Fairfield Rd. (Fairfield – S. Baltimore). Have a 2.5-sty wood frame 100% involved. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 5:01a.m.

· MERIDEN (S.MERIDEN), CT: Pedestrian accident on Main St. Pedestrian struck. Request for Lifestar. CT19 [TAC9-C51]. 5:24a.m.

· SHELTON, CT: Working fire at 10 Corporate Dr. Fire on floor #3 of a 10-story hi-rise. CT173/CT19 [TAC9-C32]. 6:59a.m.

· FAIRFIELD, CT: MVA on University Ave. A rollover. Jaws in use. CT19 [TAC9-C32]. 7:56a.m.

· MFN-NEWS Update: Last night’s deadly shooting in Fairfax VA has been confirmed by Ballistic reports to be the *9th* Sniper Murder. [MFN1]. 8:31a.m.

· DEARBORN (WAYNE Co.), MI: 30001 Miller Rd. Minimum of 2 severe burn victims. Ford FD & Security requested. Dearborn FD for Ladder Truck, 2 Rescues, 3 Engines. Victims on the 4th floor of the rouge steel plate. 2 Med Flight Units requested ASAP to scene. Unknown reasons for burn victims. Site of previous explosion. [FNNM-400,100]. 9:47a.m.

· DEARBORN (WAYNE Co.), MI: Update - 30001 Miller Rd. 2 victims with severe steam burns removed from 4th floor via crane & on Med Choppers to U of M Medical Center in Ann Arbor. Still unknown circumstances. [FNNM-69,100,400]. 10:11a.m.

· SPRINGFIELD (SANGAMON Co.), IL: Haz-Mat: Gas line struck @ 2nd & Ash Streets. Evacuation of business, residential & commercial. BATT 1, Engine 7 & Truck 2 on scene. CIFN*99/*1/*2 (H/L CIFN*3]. 10:17a.m.

· HANCOCK, NH: MVA on Rt.202 at South Elmwood Road with entrapment. M/A Jaws from Peterborough responding. *154.430* [TAC9-C101]. 12:22p.m.

· BOOTHBAY, ME: Working fire at 97 Atlantic Ave. Fire showing from the roof of a Restaurant. M/A requested. C398 [TAC9-C101]. 1:12p.m.

· NEW BRITIAN, CT: Working fire at 33 Rutherford St. 1.5-story wood frame electrical fire in the walls. Request NU ASAP. CT19 [TAC9-C32]. 1:45p.m.

· COLUMBUS, OH: ** 2nd Alarm+** 3800 Williams Rd. Fire in a large Commercial Warehouse. 2 Engines & 1 Truck over the 2nd Alarm. Box 15 responding. [FPO/264/703/D217] (C). 1:46p.m.

· COLUMBUS, OH: 3rd Alarm at 3800 Williams Rd. Making good progress. Fire is deep-seated in pallets inside Warehouse. Will have extensive salvage &overhaul. [FPO/D217] (C). 2:40p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working *1st Alarm @ 2228 Olive St. DC810 on the scene. All Units to go to CH 3. NFI/ATT [STL558]. 3:30p.m.

· NEW HAVEN, CT: Working fire on Lloyd Street. Co.'s report fire showing from a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling on arrival. *800* CT19 [TAC9-C20]. 3:30p.m.

· CONCORD, MA: MVA on Rte.2 East at Baker Ave. Jaws in use. S/C for an additional Eng/Rescue & ALS to the scene. Box transmitted for Station coverage. *483.5375* [TAC9-C32]. 4:13p.m.

· WOODBURY, CT: Working fire at 1181 Main Street. 2-story wood frame with fire on floor #2. CT80 [TAC9-C768]. 5:03p.m.

· IRVINGTON, NJ: 2nd Alarm on Nye Ave. Heavy fire in (2) 3-story wood frame dwellings. [EAN38/10]. 6:02p.m.

· CHAMPION TWP. (TRUMBULL Co.), OH: 2nd Alarm at 636 Sr.305. House fire. M/A Stations: 11, 13, 30, 49. [FPO/256/D703] (C). 6:13p.m.

· CHAMPION TWP. (TRUMBULL Co.), OH: 3rd Alarm at 636 Sr. 305. House fire. M/A from 6 Depts. 1 victim removed. [FPO/256/258/313/D703] (C). 6:17p.m.

· STLFN: RED BUD (RANDOLPH Co.), IL: Red Bud FD on scene of a house fire @ 6051 Matzenbacher Lane. Tankers responded from Hecker and Waterloo FD’s. NFI. (STL 835). 6:47p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - WALPOLE, NH: 538 Valley Road. Dwelling - fully involved. Possible victim trapped. M/A to the scene. *154..430* C32/C603 [TAC9-C461]. 6:55p.m.

· ENFIELD, CT: (North Thompsonville) Working fire at 4 Brainard Road next to the fire house. 2-story occupied house smoke showing from the 2nd floor. (1) 1045 C-3 child (smoke inhalation). *453.200* CT80 [TAC9-C09]. 8:08p.m.

· WEYMOUTH, MA: Working fire at 425 Union Street. Companies report smoke showing from a 2-story cape style dwelling. *All Companies working* *154.235* C06/C67 [TAC9-C461]. 8:14p.m.

· Update - WEYMOUTH, MA: Working fire at 425 Union Street. OIC reports a basement fire in a 2-story Cape style dwelling. M/A for coverage. All Companies working. *154.235* C06/C67 [TAC9-C461]. 8:17p.m.

· Update - WEYMOUTH, MA: Working fire at Box 4762 at 495 Union Street (correct address). Basement fire in a 2-story cape style dwelling. M/A for coverage. *154.235* C06/C67 [TAC9-C461]. 8:23p.m.

· HAVERHILL, MA: Working fire at 34 Portland St. Bedroom fire in a dwelling. Request for Investigator to the scene. All Companies working. *154.3625* C101 [TAC9-C32]. 8:26p.m.

· MAPLEWOOD (ESSEX Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 41 Brookwood Dr. Fire on the 1st floor. Fire in a private dwelling. M/A to work. [EAN465 * EAN301]. 11:19p.m.

· Update – MAPLEWOOD (ESSEX Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** 42 Brookwood Dr. Total of 6 victims rescued. Additional EMS and Medics requested with a RUSH. Unknown conditions. Fire knocked down and still DWH. [EAN465 * EAN301]. 11:30p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for October 15, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. We send all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an E-Mail address, we can get the information to you.

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If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0048
Cincinnati FD: MVA/PIN/SHOOTING Winneste & Kings Run. MVA with Entrapment and shooting. Cos: Eng 38, 20, Trk 20, squad 52, Res 2, 38, Dist 3. Person(s) shot & multiple pins. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0051
Cincinnati FD: MVA/PIN/SHOOTING Winneste & Kings Run. Res 14 S/C'd. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0058
Cincinnati FD: MVA/PIN/SHOOTING Winneste & Kings Run. Dist 3 req Amb 12 to the scene. 2 victims shot & pinned in van. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0156
Youngstown FD: W/F 1951 Smithfield. Cos: Eng 3, 15, 7, Lad 22, squad 33, BN 1, 2. Eng 3 reports fully involved 2 sty house. FPO/D323 ©

- 0433
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-70 EB @ I-270 SB. Semi rollover. Cos: Eng 23, Med 32, Res4cuE, Res2cuE, EMS 16, BN 6. S/C for a heavy crane with air bags on a rush. FPO/D260 ©

- 0451
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-70 EB @ I-270 SB. Victim still pinned. Both Rescues heavily engaged. Crane enroute with CPD Escort. BN 6 Requesting MedFlight to the scene. FPO/D260 ©

- 0515
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN I-70 EB @ I-270 SB. MedFlight 1, SO 2 enroute. Victim is level 1 trauma. This is a rescue operation, not a clean up. I-70 & I-270 closed in area. FPO/D260 ©

- 0711
Vandalia FD (Montgomery): W/F 237 South Dixie. Comm'l structure. Cos: Eng 2, 3, 4, Lad 8, Chief 1. FPO/D1001 ©

- 0713
Vandalia FD (Montgomery): W/F 237 South Dixie. Command requesting M/A from Butler Twp FD Eng 88, Huber Heights FD Lad 22. Harrison Twp FD to C/Q. All clear on searches. FPO/D1001 ©

- 0756
Vandalia FD (Montgomery): W/F 237 South Dixie. Command requesting 2 Add'l Engines. Harrison Twp FD Eng 95 working. M/A Union FD, & Clayton FD. FPO/D1001 ©

- 1419
Columbus FD: Stand-By 2nd Alarm 3800 Lockbourne Rd. Res4cuE, Res2cuE, Lad 2, 15, 22 & others working. FPO/264*/D703 ©

- 1433
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm + 3800 Lockbourne Rd. 2 Add'l Engines & 1 Add'l Ladder to staging. Fire in large comm'l bldg in Lockbourne Industrial Complex on Williams Rd near Lockbourne. Pallets burning inside the bldg. FPO/264*/703/D217 ©

- 1456
Columbus FD: 2nd Alarm + Williams & Lockbourne Rds. Skylights & roof opened. Fire is deep-seated in pallets. Add'l Engine & Ladder S/C'd. FPO/264*/703/D217 ©

- 1530
Columbus FD: 3rd Alarm Williams & Lockbourne Rds. 1 Add'l Engine S/c'd. Cos breaking down 2.5" H/Ls for 1.75" lines. ES 2 has command. FPO/264*/703/D217 ©

- 1547
Columbus FD: 3rd Alarm Williams & Lockbourne Rds. Remaining companies in staging going to work for relief. FPO/264*/703/D217 ©

- 1610
Youngstown FD: W/F Box # 5468 @ 3303 Hilman. BN 2 reports heavy fire from side 1 of a 2 sty 4-plex. Cos: Eng 2, 15, 9, Lad 24, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. FPO/724/703/D256 ©

- 1624
Columbus FD: W/F 1676 Park Row Dr. House fire. Cos: Eng 11, 92, Lad 33, Res101enG, Med 27, BN 7. Quick K/D. Holding Eng 11, Lad 33, Res101enG. FPO/D212 ©

- 1738
Warren FD (Trumbull): (Delayed from 0729) W/F 831 North Park Ave. 3 sty house with heavy fire thru roof. Cos: Car 12, Eng 5, Squad 1, Lad 1. FPO/D256 ©

- 1912
Champion Twp FD (Trumbull): 2nd Alarm 636 SR 305. House fire. M/A Sta 11, 13, 30, 49. FPO/256/258/313/D703 ©

- 1914
Champion Twp FD (Trumbull): 3rd Alarm 636 SR 305. House fire. M/A 6 FDs. 1 Victim removed. FPO/256/258/313/D703 ©

- 2029
Tallmadge FD (Summit): MVA/PIN 140 West Ave. 2 Pick-up Trucks with heavy damage. Cos: Squad 3311, 3321, Res3316cuE. Command requesting an Engine (3323) on a rush. M/A Munroe Falls FD for Squad & Res2416cuE. FPO/D701 ©

- 2036
Bazetta Twp FD (Trumbull): 3rd Alarm 636 SR 305. This was just outside Champion Twp. SFMO & TC FIU on scene. 57 year old female found in basement, Transported to Trumbull Memorial Hospital, then, to MetroHealth Medical Center via MLF # 2. FPO/256/258/313/D703 ©

- 2048
Tallmadge FD (Summit): MVA/PIN 140 West Ave. Munroe Falls FD Sqd 2421 enroute with a Doctor. Tallamdge FD Res3316cuE has a full size truck with heavy entrapment. Munroe Falle FD Res2416cuE has a small truck with entrapment. Eng 2414, 3323 on scene. 3311 to AGMC, 3321 to Akron City. FPO/D701 ©

- 2354
Cleveland FD: (Delayed) W/F 4414 East 177. BN 5 had a 2 sty house well involved. Cos: Eng 41, 6, Lad 36, Squad 1, & BN 5. Eng 36 - Worker. Lad 11 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

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London Fire Brigade Daily Report

26 Sept 02

0327 A24 Soho 10 PUMP FIRE at 3-6 Haymarket St., 3 and 5-sty offices 25m x 40m, basement fully involved, heavy fire 1st and 2nd flrs extending up, using 4 jets, 4 hosereels, HP Hydraulic Platform, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera, BA Breathing Apparatus Main Control.

Runs for the day: 745

30 Sept 02

1114 A25 Westminster 4 pump chemical incident at Whitehall Police Station on Victoria Embankment, ammonia leak from refrigerator, Level A suits, ventilation, decon.

1435 E38 New Cross 8 PUMP FIRE, CYLINDERS REPORTED, ALP REQUESTED at 50 Queens Rd, vacant 1-sty warehouse 50m x 10m fully involved with collapse, extended to adjacent 4-sty 50m x 40m retirement home with damage to all floors, 4 pressurized cylinders involved, using 6 jets, TL Turntable Ladder monitor, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera. 95 elderly evacuated from retirement home, additional 40 civilians evacuated from adjacent residential properties.

1630 G30 Wembley Persons reported fire at 4 Raglan Court x Empire Way, 1st flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued from 2nd flr via ground ladder.

Runs for the day: 1034

03 Oct 02

0345 G31 Northolt Fatal Fire at 153A Hill Ride, 1st flr apartment fire, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation, 1 civilian found DOA.

Runs for the day: 851

04 Oct 02

1847 F46 Silvertown 4 pump chemical incident at Will Thorne Pavillion on Jasper Rd, 2 litres of demthylanaline spilled, material neutralized and bagged, using Level A suits, 7 firemen & 6 police transported to hospital as a precaution.

2337 G30 Wembley Chemical incident at the European Rail Freight Terminal on Circular Rd, 2 litres of monoethyene leaking from valve on tan car, leak sealed, decon implemented.

Runs for the day: 778

05 Oct 02

1206 F24 Shoreditch 4 pump fire, persons reported at 29 Sunbury House on Swanfield Rd, heavy fire in 2nd flr apartment using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian w/smoke inhalation and burns, 12 civilians evacuated.

2032 F44 East Ham 3 pump fire at 64 Downings Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 8m 2nd flr fire extended to roof, using 3 jets.

Runs for the day: 826

06 Oct 02

1346 A25 Westminster 4 pump fire, persons reported at Flat 6, 1-8 Rutherford St, 3rd flr apartment fire using 2 hosereels, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

1617 H33 Wandsworth Persons reported fire at 26 Woodhams House, 5th flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 1 civilian rescued w/smoke inhalation.

2315 F38 Romford 4 pump special service at Central Park swimming pool on Gooshays Drive, spill of 100 litres of calcium hypochlorite tablets and 10 litres of bleaching agent, material contained, decon.

0110 F41 Dagenham 4 pump fire at Dagenham Breakers Yard on Chequers Lane, row of 1-sty garages and workshops 10m x 20m w/heavy fire using 3 jets and 2 hosereels, water relay operations.

Runs for the day: 874

08 Oct 02

0818 F21 Stratford 4 pump fire, cylinders reported at Rooff Ltd on Carpenters Rd, fire in 8 tons of rubbish, 3 15kg cylinders involved, 3m x 3m electrical substation exposed and damaged, using 4 jets, 2 ground monitors, HLU Hose Laying Unit.

1629 F44 East Ham 4 pump fire, persons reported at 23 Sheerness Mews, 4th flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel.

1704 H39 Surbiton 4 pump fire at 162 Elgar Ave, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 8m, 2nd flr fire using 3 hosereels, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera.

1739 F31 Kingsland 4 pump fire, persons reported at The Brownlow Arms on Scriven St, derelict 2-sty tavern 15m x 10m, heavy fire 1st flr using 2 hosereels.

2316 E25 Plumstead Persons reported fire at 64 Invermore Place, 3rd flr apartment fire w/ 1 civilian rescued.

Runs for the day: 857

09 Oct 02

1900 H25 West Norwood Persons reported fire at 283 Rosendale Rd, small residential fire w/2 smoke inhalation victims.

0124 F41 Dagenham 8 PUMP FIRE, CYLINDERS REPORTED at Unit 30, Chequers Lane, 100m x 30m scrap yard fully involved, using 4 ground monitors, water relay, 200 metre exclusion zone, unknown number and type of cylinders involved.

0421 A21 Paddington 4 pump fire, persons reported at 66 Fielding House on Cambridge Rd, 16-sty apartment bldg 15m x 20m, 7th flr apartment fire using 1 jet, dry riser main, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera, 1 civilian w/smoke inhalation.

0544 H32 Norbury Persons reported fire at 102 G+Bensham Lane, 2--sty shop & dwellings 5m x 10m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 3 civilians w/smoke inhalation rescued from 2nd flr via ground ladder.

Runs for the day: 844

11 Oct 02

1450 G31 Northolt 6 PUMP FIRE on Bournemead Ave, large grass and brush fire using 5jets.

1924 H27 Batersea 6 PUMP FIRE, PERSONS REPORTED at 77 Lucas Court, fire in a 8-9th flr maisonette using 1 jet, dry riser main.

1949 G25 Acton 4 pump fire at Impress House on Vale Grove, 2-sty industrial bldg 30m x 100m, fire in suspended ceiling above 1st flr art studios, using 2 hosereels.

2353 F31 Kingsland Persons reported fire at Acorn Public House on Queensbridge Rd, 2-sty tavern 20m x 30m, 1st flr fire using 1 hosereel, 2 civilians rescued.

Runs for the day: 809

12 Oct 02

1837 F28 Homerton Persons reported fire at the Fish & Chips Shop, 218 Well St, 3-sty shop & dwellings 4m x 10m, 1st flr fire extended into ductwork, using 1 hosereel, 3 civilians rescued via ground ladder w/smoke inhalation.

0155 G24 Southall 4 pump fire at 2 Clifton Rd, 2-sty private dwelling 10m x 8m heavy fire on the roof using 1 jet & 2 hosereels.

0415 E37 Peckham 4 pump fire at Unit 6, Copeland Industrial Estate on Copeland Rd, 2-sty church 25m x 5m fully involved using 2 jets.

Runs for the day: 804

13 Oct 02

1955 F44 East Ham 4 pump fire, cylinders reported at Old Trebor Building on Katherine Rd, 3 & 4-sty factory under refurbishment 40m x 60m, 1st flr fire involving construction debris and a van, one 45kg propane cylinder exploded, additional cylinders cooled and removed, using 3 jets, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera.

0129 E25 Plumstead Persons reported fire at 11D Robert St, 6th flr apartment fire with one smoke inhalation victim.

Runs for the day: 778

14 Oct 02

1027 G23 Hillingdon 4 pump fire, persons reported at 53 Lansbury Dr, 2-sty private dwelling 5m x 8m, heavy fire 1st flr using 2 hosereels.

1718 F41 Dagenham 4 pump fire, cylinders reported at Dagenham Car Breakers Yard, 77 Chequers Lane, 30m x 30m auto salvage yard w/heavy fire, 1 15kg propane and 1 20kg oxygen cylinder involved, using 2 jets, water relay operations, TIC Thermal Imaging Camera.

0427 E30 Eltham 4 pump fire at Memorial Hospital on Shooters Hill, 1-sty vacant hospital block 20m x 50m, fire using 2 jets, TIC.

Runs for the day: 650

15 Oct 02

1854 H24 Brixton 4 pump fire, persons reported at 52 Brixton Rd, 4-sty shop & dwellings 5m x 10m, heavy fire 2nd flr using 1 jet.

2016 F44 East Ham 4 pump fire, cylinders reported at 1A Compton Aven, 1-sty auto repair shop 50m x 10m, heavyfire using 3 jets, 1 hosereel, TIC, 2 15kg acetylene cylinders involved.

0045 F41 Dagenham Persons reported fire at 664 Rainham Rd, 4th flr apartment fire using 1 hosereel, 4 civilians rescued, 2 w/smoke inhalation.

0446 F45 Plaistow 4 pump fire, persons reported at 38 Lawrence St, heavy fire in 3rd & 4th flr apartment using 1 jet & 1 hosereel, 2 civilians w/smoke inhalation.

Runs for the day: 780
Runs for the year: 229444



Brooklyn, N.Y. 10/15/02 @ 18:45 hrs.
Lower Bushwick Section

Box 841
address: 1581 Bushwick Ave.
between: Eastern Parkway & Stewart St.

841 @ 18:34
Engs. 233, 332, 231
Lads. 176, 175
Batt. 44

10 - 75 - 841 @ 18:38
TowerLadder 120 orriginally designated as the "FAST" Truck, per Batt. 44, "have TowerLadder 120 go into the fire to work, Special Call an additional Truck as "FAST" TowerLadder 124 s/c is designated as the "FAST" Truck
Eng. 222
Rescue Co. #2
Assign Squad 252 unavailable
Batt. 37 Division 15

Fire Building:
3 Story Frame 20 x 60
Surrounding Properties:
Exp. #1: Is a Street
Exp. #2: Is a Street
Exp. #3: Is a Rear Yard
Exp. #4: Is a 2 Story Frame

All - Hands:
7 - 5 - 841 @ 18:41
Squad Co. #1 assigned

Batt. 44 reports, Will be using all - hands at this box, for a fire on the 2nd. floor in a 3 story frame "K"

@ 18:43
Batt. 44: Have 1 - line stretched & in operation. Have fire in the cochloff. Fire came up thru the walls. 2nd. line being stretched. Fire's Doubtful.

@ 18:47
Division 15: Have fire in the cochloff of a 3 story frame dwelling. No exposure problems. We have 3 - lines stretched, 2 - lines in operation. Still Doubtful.

@ 18:53
Division 15: All visible fire extinguished. Truck's are "Opening Up" Primary search is negative. Probably Will Hold

@ 18:02
Division 15: Secondary searches are negative.
Fire is UnderControl.



Mobile Home Fire

On Tuesday night (10/15/02) at 23:56 hours, the Cedar Hammock Fire Dept was dispatched to a reported mobile home fire at the Sunset Village Mobile Home park, 3615 14th St. W in Bradenton (Florida). The First units on scene found smoke and flames coming from the mobile home and immediately began a aggressive interior attack to extinguish the fire as well as seach for any occupants that were possibly inside. Two minutes after crews arrived they discovered and rescued a 51 year old female unconscious inside the front doorway of the mobile home. Manatee County EMS (Medic 1) immediately called for Bayflight, who transported the female victim in critical condition with burns and smoke inhalation to Tampa General Hospital Burn Unit. The Cedar Hammock Fire Dept, under the direction of Battalion Chief Robert Permane had the fire under control in 9 minutes after the first of 3 engines arrived. The preliminary cause of the fire is a pot left on the stove.

Pictures of the fire may be found on the Cedar Hammock FD web site at http://www.chfr.org

John Mercer, Captain
Emergency Communications Center
Manatee County
941-747-7776 ext.3595
941-749-3080 ( FAX )



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