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Friday, October 18, 2002

· CLEVELAND, OH: 2-2-2 W. 46 & Lorain. 2-story Commercial building with heavy fire on 2nd floor. Defensive mode. DWH. [FPO/700*/D703] (c). 4:16a.m.

· HACKENSACK (BERGEN Co.), NJ: **3rd Alarm** 111 Elm Ave. Had heavy fire on the 1st floor rear on arrival. 3 lines stretched operating. 1- 2.5” line stretched operating for the exposure. 2 cats found on the 2nd floor of the 2.5-story private dwelling DOA. Fire under control. EAN77/388 worked the scene [EAN388]. 4:32a.m.

· CLEVELAND, OH: Update - 2-2-2 W 46 & Lorain. Defensive mode. 2 Ladder Pipes & 1 Platform working. 1 victim removed in critical condition. [FPO/700*/D703*] (c). 4:40a.m.

· CLEVELAND, OH: Update - 2-2-2 West 46 & Lorain. 2-story Commercial building. Heavy fire 2nd floor/thru roof. 1 critical & 1 DOA removed. [FPO/700*/D703*] (C). 5:37a.m.

· WESTBROOK, ME: MVA on County Road near Thomas Drive. 3 cars with entrapment. S/C Squad 8 with the Jaws. *154.370* [TAC9-C101]. 6:14a.m.

· STOUGHTON, MA: MVA/PEDESTRIAN @ 1223 Central Street. Request for Medflight. L/Z is at the High School. *453.025* C67 [TAC9-C461]. 6:19a.m.

· EAST FISHKILL (DUTCHESS Co.), NY: **2nd Alarm** 1518 Rt. 376. Building fire. NFI (MNS-516*IAP) * 7:31a.m.

· STLFN: CAHOKIA (ST.CLAIR Co.), IL: Cahokia FD is on scene of a house fire @ 60 St. Gregory Dr. P.D. on the scene. Heavy smoke showing from the attic. All occupants are out of the 1-story house. Camp Jackson FD responded M/A. (STL 835). 12:46p.m.

· SOUTHBURY, CT: Working fire at 1 Roxbury Road. Structure fire. CT300/21 [TAC9-C67]. 1:13p.m.

· CAMBRIDGE, MA: Working fire on Box 344 at Brookline Ave & Putnam Ave. OIC reports fire showing from rear of a Laundromat. *800/154.355* [TAC9-C101]. 1:14p.m.

· Update - CAMBRIDGE, MA: Working fire on Box 344 at Brookline Ave & Putnam Ave. OIC reports fire in a 1-story taxpayer 75x50. All Companies working. *800/154.355* C67 [TAC9-C101]. 1:18p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – MANSFIELD, CT: Eagleville Section @ 15 Old School House Road. Reported heavy fire all floors of a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling. DWH CT2587/CT21 [TAC9-C20]. 1:27p.m.

· LOS ANGELES, CA: Greater Alarm: 3201 S. Overland Ave in West L.A. 5-story multi-use with heavy smoke on 4th floor. Fire now knocked down. No injuries. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1]. 1:29p.m.

· LEOMINSTER, MA: Working fire on Oakland Hollow Road. A kitchen fire in a single family home. *460.550* C461 [TAC9-C101]. 2:11p.m.

· EAST HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 45 Legion Drive. A house fire. CT2587/84 [TAC9-C67]. 2:52p.m.

· KEANSBURG, NJ: 2nd Alarm at 29 Carr Ave. Heavy fire in a 1 story Commercial building. M/A to work/cover. [EANSTAFF-EAN10]. 2:56p.m.

· STLFN: FORISTELL (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: Wentzville FPD has an MVA at I-70 and Highway W. AirEvac Helicoptor is transporting at least 1 patient. NFI ATT [STL819]. 3:13p.m.

· KEANSBURG, NJ: 3rd Alarm at 29 Carr Ave. Heavy fire in -2- Commercial buildings. Extensive M/A to work. Heavy fire knocked down. All Companies working. [EANSTAFF-EAN10]. 3:13p.m.

· STLFN: FORISTELL (ST. CHARLES Co.), MO: Update on Wentzville FPD’s serious MVA at I-70 and Highway W. Command reports the occupant is still trapped in the vehicle. [STL819]. 3:49p.m.

· BRIDGEPORT, CT: W/F+ 675 Central Ave. Reported fire in a Condo Complex. 5-Engines and 3-Trucks operating. CT173/CT19 [TAC9-C20]. 5:36p.m.

· MANSFIELD, CT: MVA on Route-195 @ Chaffeeville Rd. Reported car vs. house. Jaws working. Lifestar requested. CT2587/CT9023/CT19 C47 [TAC9-C20]. 6:21p.m.

· DANIELSON, CT: MVA/Jaws on Route-6 @ South Frontage Road. Lifeflight requested. CT123 [TAC9-C20]. 8:22p.m.

· WATERBURY, CT: MVA on I-84 near Exits 18 and 19. 4-BLS and 2-ALS requested. Multi-1045’s. CT84 [TAC9-C20]. 8:45a.m.

· BLANFORD, MA: MVA/MCI on Mass Pike Eastbound M/M-31. Rollover with 4-victims ejected, total of 6-10-45's. Mass Pike Eastbound lane closed just east of the Blanford Rest Area. CT123 [TAC9-C20]. 9:22a.m.

· LOS ANGELES, CA: Greater Alarm: 1458 1 La Brea Ave x Sunset. 1-story strip mall with cleaners well involved. [FIREPAGE (R) LA-1®]. 9:31p.m.

· MEDFORD, MA: Working fire at 4 Earl Ave. Fire in a dwelling. Companies report smoke showing on arrival. *153.890* [TAC9-C461]. 10:45p.m.


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- 0509
Cleveland FD: 2-2-2 West 46 & Lorain. Heavy smoke/fire from 2nd floor of 2 sty taxpayer. Defensive mode. DWH. FPO/700*/D703 ©

- 0537
Cleveland FD: 2-2-2 West 46 & Lorain. 2 L/P & 1 Platform working. 1 Critical victim removed. FPO/700*/D703* ©

- 0635
Cleveland FD: 2-2-2 West 46 & Lorain. Fire thru roof. 1 Critical & 1 DOA removed. FPO/700*/D703* ©

- 0706
Cleveland FD: 2-2-2 West 46 & Lorain. Per Car 164 (Chief of Department), S/C 1 Add'l Squrt. Fire thru roof of 2nd bldg. FPO/703/D700* ©

- 2329
Cleveland FD: W/F 4215 Cloud. BN 4 reports heavy smoke from a 2 sty house. Cos: Eng 24, 4, Lad 4, Squad 2, & BN 4. Eng 20 - Worker. Lad 20 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

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Cleveland, OH: 10-18-02

Bravest Fight Fatal Apartment Fire @ West 46 & Lorain

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Story/Photos by SCOTT BERRINGER/FirePage Ohio®




On Friday, October 18, 2002 at 1906 Hours (7:06 PM PDT), eleven Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters, two LAFD Rescue Ambulances and three Chief Officer Command Teams, all under the direction of 5th Battalion Commander John Miller responded to a Greater Alarm Structure Fire at 7061 West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The first Company to arrive on scene at the northeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue reported smoke showing from a centrally located unit in one branch of a 14-occupancy one-story “L-shaped” strip mall. Firefighters briskly forced entry into the involved unit and adjacent businesses. Using handlines, they mounted a brisk and decisive interior assault on the fire, confining the blaze to a dry cleaning business and preventing any significant damage to the “City Family Chiropractic” office on the north and “Verizon Wireless” store to the south. The flames were extinguished in just 21 minutes and there were no injuries. Fire damage to “Metro Cleaners” is estimated at $95,000 ($20,000 structure & $75,000 contents). The fire’s origin has been traced to a dryer, while the specific cause remains categorized as under investigation.

Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Fax: (213) 485-2708
LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


· Catching up on CHICAGO FireHISTORY:

Oct.14, 1958 WATER TOWER 4 organized at 419 S. Wells @ Engine 1.

*Oct.15, 1859 ENGINE 4 “Island Queen” relocated to new quarters at 558 W. Lake St. (later Engine 17).

*Oct. 15, 1891 TRUCK 23 organized at 4901 N. Lipps (former quarters of Vol. “Jefferson Protector 2” & Hose 7).

*October 16, 1919 TRUCK 36 organized at 722 N. Kedzie Ave. *Oct. 16, 1963 ENGINE 6 at 559 W. Maxwell St. disbanded.


*Oct. 16 1865 FDNY ENGINE 26 organized at 220 W. 37th St. in the Garment District. THEY ARE STILL IN THAT ORIGINAL HOUSE – former quarters of Vol. VALLEY FORGE ENGINE 46.



*** 10-17-2002 LA TIMES - LAFD and Secession ***


Many of you have asked about a Fire Department/Secession story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times. The article text appears in full below, or can be found on-line at: LAFD and Secession

To take full advanage of LATIMES.COM, we encourage you to visit and register (free) at: http://www.latimes.com


Fire Protection Is Not Proving a Hot Issue in Secession Debate

Many cityhood backers in the Valley and Hollywood agree the best way to get better service is to keep the LAFD -- and build on it.

Times Staff Writer
October 18 2002

Fifth in a series of stories on Los Angeles city services.

Secessionists generally tout the advantages of smaller government, but they too acknowledge that bigger sometimes can be better.

When it comes to a fire department, for instance, they want more firefighters, more paramedics and more stations in the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood. The best way to achieve this, many breakup advocates say, is to keep what they already have -- the Los Angeles Fire Department -- and then build on it.

If the Valley and Hollywood secede, the LAFD would be required to serve the new cities for one year after they begin operations next July. But the cities would have the option of launching their own departments or contracting with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, instead of the LAFD.

Most secession leaders say they favor a contract with the LAFD, at least for the foreseeable future, because they fear that cutting the department loose would be disruptive and could put the public at risk.

"The LAFD is one of the best in the world," Valley secession leader Richard Katz said. "I would hope the Valley would stay with the department .... It's as good or better than starting over."

Hollywood secessionist Gene La Pietra agreed.

"It's a great department, it's competitive with other departments and it's staying," he said. "You're not going to get a better deal starting over."

But the breakup proponents also see problems in the 3,577-employee department, and they blame them on City Hall. They say an independent Valley and Hollywood would improve the LAFD, primarily by pressing Los Angeles to increase spending for more firefighters, paramedics and equipment to the two regions.

In one sense, secession advocates have an ally in the LAFD's rank and file. Although the union representing city firefighters opposes breaking up the city, it agrees that the department has its shortcomings, in part because, the union says, the LAFD suffered during Mayor Richard Riordan's years as mayor, when firefighters felt neglected by his push to expand the police force. Riordan, who was elected in the wake of the 1992 riots, spent millions of dollars to hire and train new police officers, but he devoted comparatively little attention to the Fire Department.

The department's staff-to-population ratio -- 0.84 firefighters per 1,000 residents -- is about half the national average for big-city fire agencies, according to the Washington, D.C.-based International Assn. of Fire Fighters.

"The overall crux of the problem in L.A. is staffing," said George Burke, a spokesman for the association, which has 255,000 members.

LAFD officials say the firefighter shortage helps explain why the department ranks below many large agencies in response times to emergencies. Also, the department's 650 paramedics have been stretched thin by the closure of local trauma centers -- which means longer trips to hospital emergency rooms -- and the growing number of people without medical insurance who rely on the LAFD for emergency medical services, said secessionists and department officials.

More than 80% of 911 calls to the LAFD are for paramedics.

As part of a long-term plan to expand the LAFD, Mayor James K. Hahn increased its budget by 5% this year, adding 72 firefighters and paramedics. The department also wants to add 100 paramedics annually for the next three years.

Ambulances are another concern. Some of the busier fire stations have two ambulances at the ready, but 21 stations -- including eight in the Valley and one in Hollywood -- have none. The department says it will buy nine more ambulances by June, expanding its fleet to 115.

After the transitional year in which the new Valley and Hollywood cities would continue to receive services from the LAFD, their city councils would decide whether to sign a contract with the department or the county, or start their own departments.

The Valley accounts for nearly half the LAFD's 470-square-mile coverage area (the proposed Hollywood city is just 15 square miles). The department's response times in the Valley are slightly longer than the citywide average -- 5.6 minutes compared with 5.1 minutes.

Average response times for paramedics are 6.9 minutes citywide and 7.1 minutes for the Valley.

Residents have complained about response times for years, particularly in hillside areas prone to brush fires.

Glenridge Homeowners Assn. President Harold Tennen, who lives in the hills south of Mulholland Drive near Beverly Glen Boulevard, said the city has ignored the Fire Department's staffing and equipment needs. A few years ago, the neighborhood raised $80,000 to renovate its fire station and buy equipment.

"We had to do it, because the city wasn't," Tennen said.

Still, he plans to vote against secession, in part because he doesn't want to see the LAFD broken up. "The firefighters do a good job," despite a lack of resources, he said. "[Secession] would not be beneficial in any way."

Mel Wilson, a Valley mayoral candidate on the secession ballot, said phasing out the Valley's relationship with the LAFD would improve service.

The former city fire commissioner is one of the few high-profile secessionists who wants the Valley to create its own fire department.

A new, locally controlled department, Wilson said, would be better able to set spending priorities for hiring and upgrading.

"I'm not saying the LAFD doesn't do a good job.... But it's important to have control of your own destiny," Wilson said.

Although Los Angeles firefighters argue that their department needs upgrading, they have steadfastly opposed secession as the way to achieve it. Their union has contributed $200,000 to Hahn's anti-secession campaign.

Los Angeles United Firefighters says a breakup would bring too many uncertainties, and in the end could cut into staffing and leave parts of the region underprotected. An LAFD report on secession warned of similar circumstances.

At Fire Station 88 in Sherman Oaks, Battalion Chief Greg West has spent the last few months studying secession for the LAFD's report. He paints a mostly grim picture for an independent Valley department.

West said a smaller Valley agency would not have the deployment flexibility of the LAFD. A Valley agency could call on the LAFD for help under a "mutual aid" agreement, but that would invariably involve delays in deployment, West said.

"In an emergency," he said, "every second counts."



Official Website Bay City Fire Department Bay City, Michigan


Come and check us out.


Rob Davey



Special LAFD themed 2003 Calendar debuts at Sherman OaksStreet Fair

For more than 116 years, the men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department have been bolstered by the support of those they proudly serve. In no local community has this support been greater than in Sherman Oaks.

During their Annual Street Fair to be held this Sunday, October 20, the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce will debut a special 2003 calendar as a mechanism of tribute and support for the men and women of the LAFD. The full-color calendar, which features images of local Firefighters, will directly benefit the community and Fire Station through the LAFD's popular Adopt-A-Fire Station Program.

For more information on the Street Fair:




For information about LAFD's Adopt-A-Fire Station Program:


Fraternally Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department
200 North Main Street, Room OCD - E423
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

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LAFD E-Mail: beh9593@lafd.lacity.org
LAFD Website: http://www.lafd.org


The Metropolitan Fire Association of Atlanta Georgia has totally reworked our web site. Check out http://www.metrofire.org and see what you think. The 2003 Metro Atlanta Fire Apparatus & Shift calendars are in stock. You can either send us a check or order off the web site using a credit card. We do have copies of a lot of the previous editions in case you are trying to complete your set. E-mail us for information.

The MFA also operates the HOT NEWS ALERT NETWORK. We have subscription information on there as well so if you are in Georgia and some sections of Alabama, we have a pager system for you or your friends.

Be safe!!

Dave Williams
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