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    Does anyone have any information or web sites that feature new firehouses and their construction plans. Im looking for info about cost also. Thanks for your help in advance.
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    What kind of plans are you looking for? We have recently built a Volly station that was made for years down the road incase we turn full time.. We have 3 drive through bays, a meeting room, showers both female and male, hose washing room, turn out showers, turn out drying room mask cleaning station and hose dryer area, work out area, Computer room, and 2 offices. The work out area can easily be converted to sleeping quarters with a smaller work out area still avalable. Our station cost about $500,000.00 it is Metal in construction and brick about 4 feet up on the outside. We house 1 Engine, 1 Ladder, 1 pumper tanker, 1 brush truck, and 1 medical jeep. We still have room for 2 larger apparatus. The station has CO detectors on the 4 corners in the apparatus bays and when the level reaches the limits a 4 foot ventalaion fan kicks in on the side of the building to eject harmfull levels. Each bays front and back is out fitted with water, electrical and air lines to the individual apparatus. If your interested i can post pictures and try to get planes copied for you. Our station is now just over 1 year old.
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