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    Default Holmatro rams & power units

    We're looking into purchasing some new Holmatro equipment, and wondered what you have had the best results with - the fixed length rams or telescopic versions? What do you like and why? Same qustion about power units - any big advantages of one over another (gas and/or electric). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
    R.A. Ricciuti
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    Single Stage
    Pro - You can get the chain shackles for these and use them in pulling evolution.

    Con - You have to buy extension tubes and/or more rams to cover the same spreading range as the telescoping rams.

    Pro - fewer units to cover wide range of spread.
    You don't need to stop and reposition or add extensions for long pushing evolutions.

    Con - The telescoping units cannot be used for pulling operations.
    Large loss of spreading force in second stage.

    When we were finally able to add rams to our arsenal, the telescoping units were just being introduced (Matter-O-Fact our 3340 ram was one of the first dozen production units). We opted to go with the telescoping units because:
    1) We never intended to use them for pulling - we have shackles for the jaws for this.
    2) We decided that the 2 telescoping units would give us the greatest range of spread with the least $$ investment. (Sorry - we are on a thin budget)

    If your sales rep is anything like ours - it would be no trouble for you to get your hands on a couple of each style for some hands-on field testing and that is exactly what I would suggest you do.

    Power Units
    We opted for the DPU60 Electric DUO pump (two tools simultaneously) as our primary pump. It is a 230 Volt unit plumbed to 2 100ft reels. We kept our older Gas driven unit (which allows 2 tools to be connected but will only power one at a time) as a back-up or for when we can't reach with the 100 Ft lines on the truck (or for when we need to operate a 3rd / 4th tool).

    The one "watch point" on your power units is their "Usable hydraulic oil contents" - you must make sure that this value is equal to or greater than the oil volume required to operate your largest tool.

    Best of luck with your purchase. Let us know what you decide (and why).
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    Default Holmatro tools

    N2DFire has summarised the telescopic/fixed ram pros and cons well .
    We use two petrol powered Duo pumps on small purpose built wheeled trollys. Fold down ramps in the two lockers used allow one firefighter to easily roll each trolly to where it is needed. One trolly has spreader and cutter preconnected and the other has a ram jack and two telescopic rams with two preconnected. Pull attachments and chains are carried in a seperate locker. The trollys are wheeled out, a single clip undone to release the hydraulic hoses coiled on top. These are thrown off the unit and the pull cord puts us in business while with our old gear we would still be making connections.
    This works great for us, but the key to success is to have what works great for you! Try hard to physically evaluate a range of different suggestions in training and don't dismiss anyones idea (no matter how far fetched) until you are sure you have the most suitable system for your own budget and operational requirements. Compatability with other departments, training, maintenance and cost may well dictate differences all other things being equal.
    E mail me if you want more information on our setup at jimthefireman@firehousemail.com
    Good luck!

    Jim Maclean
    Auckland New Zealand

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