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    Question Probies

    Just a question, I am curious so please inform me.
    How do you treat your probies, and what kinds of tasks do you make them preform?

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    I think we treat them well. They get lots of training about the organization, chain of command, what is where on the trucks etc. This takes place in formal classes as well as station classes by senior members.
    They do almost everything except what the labor laws prohibit them from doing until they are 18. This can be things from packing hose after a call, helping with ground ladder placement at a call, assisting EMS with rehab areas, etc. They are under the guidance of a senior member during these activities. If they are over 18 they get the classes and training they need to become regular (interior) firefighters. Don't be fooled though, training is ongoing for ALL personnel because practice does make the difference!

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