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    I am researching methods of compensation for volunteers. Any ideas or examples of current programs in place would be greatly appreciated.

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    Lightbulb Here ya go...

    The State of California has a great way to compensate
    Volunteer Firefighters. Here is your link-

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    My volunteer department has a reimbursement program for all volunteer members. For each run (Fire and EMS) as well as training meetings, each volunteer member is reimbursed $10.00. They recieve their checks on the last Friday of each month. This is justified by the personal expenses they have for responding to incidents. Fuel, oil and wear and tear on their personal vehicles while reporting to a station for an incident and training, clothes cleaning costs from responding to incidents and training, etc. My department has had this program in place for atleast 20 years and it works very well. The city has no problem with it, the cities CPA has no problem with it and the members have their costs atleast partly covered with it. Just my thoughts.
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