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Sunday, October 20, 2002

· NEWINGTON, CT: MVA on Berlin Turnpike North in front of Bowl-O-Rama. Extrication requested by Police on scene. Car vs. guard. Rollover with 2 victims trapped under the car. *154.445* [TAC9-C09]. 2:47a.m.

· Update – NEWINGTON, CT: MVA on Berlin Turnpike Northbound in front of Bowl-O-Rama. A rollover with 2 victims trapped under the car. Lifestar requested. L/Z is in the Bowl-O-Rama parking lot. S/C 1 additional Engine. [TAC9-C09]. 2:50a.m.

· HINGHAM, MA: Working fire on High Street. Structure fire. M/A Engine from Norwell & Weymouth for coverage. *154.265* [TAC9-C461]. 4:19a.m.

· EAST GRANBY, CT: Working fire at 72 Floydville Road. Structure - fully involved on arrival. CT80 [TAC9-C461]. 4:22a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: *1st Alarm* b/o BC801 @ 1900 Garden x 19th/20th. Heavy fire in a 2-story brick building. At least 2 lines off. PUMPERS: 8-5-9-20-17, HL2, BC801/806, SQD-1. [STL899]. 5:19a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's *1st Alarm* @ 1900 Garden x 19th/20th. Heavy fire in a 2-story brick building has been knocked down with 2 lines. Fire is under control & Co.'s are overhauling at this time. [STL899]. 5:41a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - STLFD's *1st Alarm* @ 1900 Garden x 19th/20th. BC801 reports 1 Firefighter injured (unknown type injury) being transported to SLU Hospital. DC810 now responding. [STL899]. 5:44a.m.

· OVERLAND PARK (JOHNSON Co.), KS: Working fire @ 11408 Lowell x 114th Street. Fire on the 2nd floor of a 2-story frame. [KCFN-02]. 11:13a.m.

· TOLLAND, CT: MVA at Wiegold Rd & Gehring Rd. Motorcycle vs. trees. 1 1045 C2+ CPR in progress. Lifestar just arriving on scene. L/Z is an open field just east of the scene. *33.44* [TAC9-C09]. 12:11p.m.

· TORONTO (ONTARIO) CANADA: 2nd Alarm at 30 Fontanay Ct. Hi-rise occupied multiple dwelling with fire on the 7th floor. TFN300 [TORONTO FIRENET-TAC9]. 1:13p.m.

· CROMWELL, CT: MVA on Interstate 91 Northbound at the Exit 21 ramp. Extrication in progress. Lifestar requested. L/Z is on the highway at the scene. *154.430* [TAC9-C09]. 1:56p.m.

· SALISBURY, MA: Plane crash off Beach Road in the Salisbury State Reservation. Reported small plane down in the marsh. No reported 1045's. Reported fuel leak. Both Salisbury and Newburyport operating on scene. *158.955* C30/C519 [TAC9-C20]. 2:13p.m.

· STLFN: ST CHARLES (ST CHARLES Co.), MO: St. Charles FD **1st Alarm** @ The Boeing Plant on N. 3rd St. They have smoke in the building. Co.'s are investigating further. 4810 has moved to City House 1. [STL388]. 2:22p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: Working fire on Box 3722 at 922 Hyde Park Ave. Fire on floor 2 of a 3-story/six-family dwelling. All companies working. *483.1875* [TAC9-C30]. 3:15p.m.

· BIDDEFORD, ME: Working fire at 47 Adams Street. Structure fire. Companies report fire showing on arrival. *154.250* C603 [TAC9-C461]. 4:14p.m.

· Update - BIDDEFORD, ME: Working fire at 47 Adams Street. Fire in a 3-story wood frame duplex. Fire confined to (1) room. Bulk of the fire is knocked down. C603 [TAC9-C461]. 4:19p.m.

· CHARLOTTE (MECKLENBURG Co.), NC: *FD Apparatus MVA with injuries* Belmont & Seigle Aves. Ladder 1 vs. 4-door Sedan. 2 injuries in POV after entrapment. 1 Firefighter injured, unknown condition. [CFP328*700/9040]. 5:05p.m.

· Update - CHARLOTTE, NC: *FD MVA* Ladder-1 returning from poss. Apt fire struck by auto that ran stop sign. 2 Civilians trapped in car. Driver L1 with non-life threatening injuries. [CFP328 (CFD PIO) * 700/9040]. 5:45p.m.

· ROCKY HILL, CT: Working fire on Stagecoach Lane. Garage attached to a 2.5-story wood frame dwelling - well involved. CT19 [TAC9-C32]. 5:57p.m.

· SMITHFIELD, RI: Working fire at 26 Esmond St. House fire. Request for additional Engine and Ladder to the scene. *154.115* C304 [TAC9-C319]. 6:26p.m.

· Update – SMITHFIELD, RI: Working fire at 26 Esmond St. Fire in a 2-story wood frame. Heavy fire in the basement. DWH *154.115* C303 [TAC9-C319]. 6:36p.m.

· Update – SMITHFIELD, RI: Working fire at 26 Esmond St. Fire in a 2-story wood frame. Companies reporting a fire knocked down in the basement. Companies checking for extension. PWH *154.115* C303 [TAC9-C319]. 6:50p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: Working fire - Box 7422 at 172 "H" St. on arrival. Engine 2 reports fire in (2) triple-deckers. *483.1875* C50 [TAC9-C33]. 6:56p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – BOSTON, MA: Box 7422 at 172 "H" St. b/o CAR 6. Fire in (2) triple-deckers. *483.1875* C50 C32 C30 C519 [TAC9-C33]. 6:58p.m.

· SUMNER, ME: ATV Accident on Sumner Hill Rd. ATV vs. car. 1-1045C2. Lifeflite responding to L/Z at Rte.140 & 219. *453.650* C101 [TAC9-C32]. 7:06p.m.

· Update – BOSTON, MA: Box 7422 at 172 "H" St. (South Boston). C6 reports fire in 3-story wood frame. Fire top floor & cockloft with slight extension to exposure. (5) lines stretched & operating. Fire is PWH. [TAC9-C33]. 7:21p.m.

· LAKE QUIVERA (JOHNSON Co.), KS: Working fire @ 465 Navajo x Lake Shore West. Fire in the attic of a single-family dwelling. Shawnee Engine & Quint are Automatic Aid. [KCFN-02]. 7:26a.m.

· DUSHORE (SULLIVAN Co.), PA: Working fire on German St & Rt.220. Fire in a 5-story occupied multiple dwelling. Small fire on the 3rd floor. Heavy smoke. [EAN351]. 7:38p.m.

· STLFN: ST. CHARLES Co., MO: Central County FD has a working house fire at 72 Julie Drive x Gloria Dr. 9534 on scene reports fire is thru the roof. [STL558/557]. 8:13p.m.

· STLFN: ST. CHARLES Co., MO: Update on Central County FD’s working fire at 72 Julie. 1.5-story ranch. Supply line laid. 9542 in hydraulics. Command has requested one additional Pumper. Salvation Army has a 45 min ETA to scene. 9564 moving up to house three. Command advises fire is under control. [STL558/557]. 8:55p.m.

· TOPSFIELD, MA: Working fire at 501 Boston Street (Route 1). Structure fire. M/A from Ipswich to the scene & Danvers for coverage. Request for EMS to the scene. *154.100* [TAC9-C461]. 10:13p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - LEBANON, NH: on South Main Street. Building fire. M/A to the scene. *154.130/151.175* C603 [TAC9-C461]. 10:22p.m.

· LEWISTON, ME: Working fire on Maple Street near Bates Street. Fire showing from a vacant building. *153.950* [TAC9-C461]. 10:28p.m.

· STAFFORD (OCEAN Co.), NJ: (22:45hrs EDT) - Working structure fire at 39 Linda Rd. County Fire Marshals responding for fire investigation in an unknown type building. [EAN90]. 10:31p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - LEWISTON, ME: Maple Street near Bates Street. Fire showing from a vacant building. *153.950* [TAC9-C461]. 10:32p.m.

· NEW BRITAIN, CT: MVA at 161 Allen Street. Car vs. house. Extrication in progress. *800* [TAC9-C09]. 10:44p.m.

· Update - LEWISTON, ME: 2nd Alarm on Maple Street near Bates Street. Fire in a 4-story wood frame vacant building. Heavy fire floor #3 & #4. C101/C398 [TAC9-C461]. 10:56p.m.

· MANASSAS, VA: MVA with entrapment on Hastings Dr. x Woodmont. AMB 1 on scene with 1 ALS patient trapped. Requested Medic Unit and Rescue Squad. [VFN104]. 11:02p.m.


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- 1237
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN Olentangy River Rd & Harley. Cos: Eng 19, Res72enG, Res11cuE, Med 19, 73, EMS 13, BN 7. Eng 19 reports one in arrest. FPO/D284 ©

- 1241
Columbus FD: MVA/PIN Olentangy River Rd & Harley. EMS 13 requesting an Extra Engine & Medic. Eng 13, Med 25, Res16cuE enroute. FPO/276/221/D284 ©

- 2337
Columbus FD: W/F 837 North Summit St. BN 3 reports 2 sty house with smoke showing, reports of 1 trapped. Cos: Eng 9, 7, 1, Lad 1, Res2cuE, Med 7, BN 3. FPO/D260 ©

- 2340
Columbus FD: W/F 837 North Summit St. RIC: EMS 11, Med 1, SO 2. Site of previous fire. Fire Prevention S/C'd. FPO/D260 ©

- 2344
Columbus FD: W/F 837 North Summit St. 1 victim down on side 1. Med 7 transporting to OSU. Eng 25, Med 25 on scene. Fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D260 ©

- 2347
Columbus FD: W/F 837 North Summit St. Med 7's victim had severe 2nd & 3rd degree burns, extremely critical. FPO/D260 ©

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Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Structure Fire 10-19-02
2010 hrs.

Reported structure fire 407 W. 14th Street, fire reported in basement near water heater of a group home for the physically handicapped.

E 1 and T 1 on scene light smoke and chemical smell in structure. Primary search reports all clear. Valley Ambulance being requested for multiple cases of mild smoke inhalation. Patients removed to next door neighbor to get them out of the weather.

Entry reports small amount of fire on the paneling in the basement requesting water can.

E 2 enroute par 4 with 1 EMS.

E 2 on scene assuming staging, Two man vent team sent to front door to set up positive pressure ventilation.

2110 HRS. Alarm struck out, minor damage to residence, all victims were treated at the scene and released to the care of the home caregiver.

Disposition of call--extinguishment.

Dave W. Butcher

"Heaven has a hell of a fire department today"
- New York Fire Department Ladder 35 Capt. Barry Meade



In the wake of September 11th, many civilians are more aware of the dangerous job firefighers perform. Firefighters who died in the line of duty, were recognized for their true heroism. However, in the fire service, we honored our brave brothers and sisters long before September 11th. A line of duty death isn't just a tragedy, it's a loss of a family member. And with that, the department member should be honored and given an appropriate and respectful send off. Here, you will find some photographs of recent funerals in New Jersey and in Connecticut. We will never forget our fallen brothers, no matter where they are. Godspeed heros.


Firefighters ask *you* to make a life-saving change!

The men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department ask you to prepare this week for the annual home fire safety campaign known as "Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery!"

Key Points...

- Change Your Clock, Change Your (Smoke Alarm) Battery! on October 27.

- Survey Your Home for fire danger.

- Plan and practice an emergency exit drill in your home.

- A *limited supply* of free Smoke Alarm batteries are available at Los Angeles Fire Stations, and will be provided to the public on a first-come first-served basis.

Information Sources:

=-=-= Background =-=-=

Smoke Alarm technology has been around since the 1960s. The single-station, battery-powered Smoke Alarms we know of today became available to consumers in the 1970s.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 94% of U.S. homes have at least one Smoke Alarm, and most states have laws requiring them in residential dwellings.

* 15 of every 16 homes (94%) in the U.S. have at least one Smoke Alarm. One-half of home fire deaths occur in the 6% of homes with no Smoke Alarms. Homes with Smoke Alarms (whether or not they are operational) typically have a death rate that is 40-50% less than the rate for homes without alarms.

* In three of every 10 reported fires in homes equipped with Smoke Alarms, the devices did not work. Households with non-working Smoke Alarms now outnumber those with no Smoke Alarms.

* Why do Smoke Alarms fail? Most often because of missing, dead or disconnected batteries.

* While Smoke Alarms alert people to fires, families still need to develop and practice home fire escape plans so that they can get out quickly.

* Install at least one Smoke Alarm on every floor of your home (including the basement) and outside each sleeping area. If you sleep with the door closed, NFPA recommends installing smoke alarms inside the room.

* In the City of Los Angeles, the requirements are even more strict: PROPERLY INSTALLED AND FUNCTIONING SMOKE ALARMS ARE REQUIRED IN ALL SLEEPING ROOMS AND IN THE HALLWAY ADJACENT TO THOSE ROOMS. WHERE SLEEPING ROOMS ARE ON AN UPPER LEVEL, A PROPERLY FUNCTIONING SMOKE ALARM SHALL ALSO BE INSTALLED IN THE CENTER OF THE CEILING DIRECTLY ABOVE THE STAIRWAY. Detailed instructions are included with all Smoke Alarms sold in the City of Los Angeles. If questions remain, we encourage residents to visit or contact their Neighborhood Fire Station.

* Because smoke rises, Smoke Alarms should be mounted high on walls or ceilings. Wall-mounted Smoke Alarms should be positioned 4-12 inches from the ceiling; ceiling-mounted alarms should be positioned 4 inches or more away from the nearest wall. On vaulted ceilings, be sure to mount the Smoke Alarm at the highest point of the ceiling.

* Smoke Alarms should not be installed near a window, door or forced-air register where drafts could interfere with their operation.

* The NFPA and LAFD both recommend that people with hearing impairments install Smoke Alarms with louder alarm signals and/or strobe lights to alert them to a fire. A list of manufacturers that distribute smoke alarms for the hearing impaired can be obtained by calling the NFPA's Center for High-Risk Outreach at (617) 984-7826.

* Be sure that the Smoke Alarm you buy carries the label of an independent testing lab, and in California, a certification mark noting that the device meets the exacting standards of the California State Fire Marshal.

* Smoke Alarms that are hard-wired to the home's electrical system should be installed by a qualified electrician.

* Test Smoke Alarms at least once a month by using the alarm's "test button", and clean the units in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

* Install new batteries in all Smoke Alarms at least once a year or when the alarm chirps (warning that the battery is dying). Keep fresh high-quality batteries in Smoke Alarms and do not borrow them for other purposes.

* Replace all Smoke Alarm batteries immediately upon moving into a new home.

* Nuisance activations can be addressed by moving the Smoke Alarm farther away from kitchen smoke or bathroom steam and by more frequent cleaning. If the problem persists, review manufacturer's instructions and if necessary replace the alarm.

* NFPA recommends replacing ALL Smoke Alarms (hardwired or battery operated) every 10 years!

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Fraternally Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
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