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    Default Howdy all!!!! Future EMT here

    Hiya. I just was told about this forum last night from another EMT from another board. I'm hoping to learn a lot of stuff here and share knowledge in the future once I get done with classes and have a few runs under my belt.

    BTW, I have a post up in the General EMS section here and if you can help that would be great!!!!

    Glad to find another forum that I can vent, laugh and learn on!!!

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    Default Hi

    Hi WindDanzer,

    Welcome to forums, I am sure that you will find all of
    the help you will need and them some. Ask all the questions
    you have and don't be afraid to aswser question that you know
    the anwser to. Some times the new kid on the block has learned
    somthing new that us old timers have not been tought yet.
    If you don't get an anwser right away, ask it again!
    sometimes it may take a while to get the anwser you need, and
    sometimes people want to make sure the anwser they are giving
    is correct.

    Again welcome and have fun surfing around.

    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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    "Windanzer", sound like a great name for a sailboat.

    Yup! can't find many better forums out on the www, I have made a ton of friends here with an immeasurable resource pool. I see you are a teacher. Thanks for doing that for the Kids. I hope your EMT-ing has been a good experience too.

    I recommend checking out even the forums you have LESS interest in because sometimes that is where you find some of the most enlightening information. Keep coming back, you won't regret it...

    Best regards, fraternally, JW
    "Making Sense with Common Sense"
    Motor Vehicle Rescue Consultants
    ( MVRC@comcast.net) Jordan Sr.

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