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    Default What if ?????

    It is morning rush hour in a city,on the highway a truck going over the over pass skids of the bridge and lands on 3 cars. Traffic is getting extremely heavy and backed up. The caller reports a "Tanker truck fell of the bridge and hit cars-people are trapped,I cant see the placard of the truck---it looks like one of those gas tankers I dont know if its leaking but I smell gas."

    So what would you do for this situation,useing your normal resources.
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    Keep a civilian jacket handy and mingle with the crowd?

    Seriously though, the first thing to do is to stop the situation getting worse. Get police to divert traffic from the gridlock and use the media to divert traffic from the area (ie warn of potential long delays as a result of an accident rather than advertising something worth trying to get to see).
    A lot depends on what the situation on the ground actually is so you need information from arriving appliances, Police helicopters and so on. Access for information should be possible from the lanes in the opposite direction from those involved. Quick access could also be made with a crew descending down from the overpass above if there is no other way in. Crowd control would be the biggest danger if there is leaking gas. Making sure no one is smoking, using cellphones and stopping car engines and evacuating motorists to a safe distance would be a priority. I would consider cutting or moving median barriers some distance from the site when the freeway was closed and U turning vehicles stacked up behind to get a clear working space at the incident.
    Everything else is pretty standard if on a larger scale. Deal with leaking gas, entrapment and other risks in the usual way ensuring that any personell are only put in a dangerous position if there is a significant benefit likely from the risk taken.

    If none of this works remember the civilian jacket.........

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    Normal response and operations in determining what is on the truck, is it leaking, and if it is how or when can I start to deal with it, and if its not patient status and just as important how many patients and get all your resources together. Traffic? I'm already at work so its not that big a problem for me. In this instance there is no quick fix, like jim said, try to divert the traffic, use the media ASAP, and get the cars up close turned around best you can. Either way all the alternate routes will be clogged.

    An accident like this will gain bystanders, once you know whats in the tanker and quite a few people are standing around it and not dead, chances are its either not leaking or nothing immediately life threatening. Immediately find a way to transfer the material out of the truck and get it off if the patients are okay. With 3 cars your gonna have at a minimum 3 patients unless someone crawled out. Triage and unfortunately depending on bad the vehicles are crushed and the severity of injuries there may be some black tags coming out.

    Also if all the patients are dead, mode slows down, gonna be a big investigation. Isolate the scene, preserve evidence and work with law enforcement and DOT who will probably also look into the truck and the bridge.

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    First on scene I would call Jim. He runs one of our busiest Rescue Trucks.
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