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    Default Driver's license

    Does anyone know if you can take EVOC in maryland if you don't have a Maryland Driver's license. (say you have a New York driver's license). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I don't have an exact answer but, if you have a Commercial Driver License then it is usually good in any state. If your Driver License is a Firefighter License, then many times it is only good for the state that it was issued (for fire apparatus), but it is good for regular class C vehicles in all states. Many times the EVOC courses are on closed private land and the issue of Driver Licenses does not come into play.

    The best thing to do is call the state police or Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV) in which the program will be held and ask them.


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    I'm taking the class now, (Final written tonight and driving session on Saturday)and was told that you have to have a valid license for the apparatus you will be driving on the course. A regular license from NY should work if you will be driving an ambulance or brush truck. You will probably need a CDL or class B if you will be driving an engine or squad. Also note that you will need a written letter from the chief if you will be using another company's vehicle.

    You might check MFRI's web site to get a phone number to verify this. The URL is: http://www.mfri.org/

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