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    Post EMD and Nursing Homes

    Hello! I have a question for the group... Does anyone know of any information, articles, etc. or where I can go to find out some information on EMD and how it relates to SNFs? I am the Scheduling and Dispatch Supervisor of a commercial ambulance company and some local SNFs want to use us for their transporting agency. So basically what I am looking for is anything stating that a trained nurse in a nursing home that is with the patient can make a decision that the patient doesn't need to be transported emergently via the 911 system. We allways error on the side of patient care, but for the low priority calls we would like to be called to save the local resources for true emergencies. So if anyone knows of any information out there that states that a nurse with a patient is more qualified to make a medical decision than a dispatcher, etc. Or if there is any information that states that EMD was designed to work with the general, non medically trained public, and not medically trained callers if you could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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    check out medical priority EMD cards. they have a seperate card just for interfacility transfers. our system is checked off by our medical director as to what receives an emergency response and what doesn't. i'd check with your medical director to see what he or she says.
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    I am with Ryan .............card #33 is the number .....
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    Default EMD/SNFs

    Hi; In regard to the need for dispatch.Most SNFs have their residents wishes ,,wants documented or their charts available to the caller.Most are DNR the call generally is for a bone break or dislocation.The SNF is just that,, not an ICF in which neither could really handle the formentioned bone disorders.If in any way you could give the snf a clue as to call another more Medical non emergency transport oriented company.if available,,,that right there could and would free up alot of needed EMS time and lessen the use of personnel and equipment which is a very important consideration.
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    The fire department also manages all ambulance operations including transports. The nurses have the capability to call the ems supervisor and request a non emergent transport. In that case we only send an ambulance, no rescue truck. It clears up a lot of resources.

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    Where I work, up until recently, there was a private ambulance company that ran a portion of the area. There were serveral nursing homes that called these people for emergent & non-emergent transports. The ambulance wasn't up to snuff anyways. They would respond, get there, evaluate the situation (did I mention that some of the centers were not in thier legal area?) and either transport or request ALS. They were a scary bunch, but it has been a blessing them selling the business to the local FD.


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