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    Default T.I.C. standard guidelines

    My department recently purchased a Cairns Viper with transmitter, monitor and recorder. We have set up some basic operating proceedures but would like to check others. You can e-mail them to me at shink@midmaine.com

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    Along the same lines - our department just bought an ISG K80; if anyone has sample S.O.P.'s regarding T.I. use (& the time to send me an e-mail!), I'd appreciate them!


    Stan Burling, Lt.
    Hazen Fire & Rescue


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    There is some good stuff available thru Maine Fire Training and also the Bullard site.Little things count,if the crew comes off the truck,the camera comes off the truck.EVERY TIME!Spend lots of time using the camera in non fire as well as fire conditions.Spend a lot of time on IMAGE INTERPRETATION.Your sop's are best established by looking at a few others and tailoring them to fit your Dept.Make sure to keep your batteries charged and try to keep a spare for the spare.Get acess thru MA to another camera,when you have one you really need several.Checking light ballasts makes a good drill.But NEVER lose sight of the fact that the camera is a TOOL and has the ability to induce false confidence.T.C.
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