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    Default Cairns Viper Battery problems

    My department has two Cairns Vipers. We are having some serious battery problems, and I was curious if anyone else had, or is having the same problem.

    Whenever the camera is turned on, it shows that the battery is low. However, when the battery is inspected, most will show 80%. We also have one that now shows nothing when the test button is pressed. I think this one is shot.

    When they are put in the charger, they all charge to the 100% reading, but shortley after this they will drop down to the 80% reading.

    Can anyone shed some light as to what the problems may be?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Ward
    We have a Viper and have experienced the same problem. However it has now been modified and I think the batteries were also either the problem or part thereof. So go back to your supplier.
    I assume you have recycled the batteries 4 or 5 times as recommended which increases the charge.
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