The past seven days, and mostly nights, have been wild for northern Mecklenburg County fire and rescue departments. The widening of I-77 from 85-exit 23, has proven to be accidents waiting to happen. Saturday (10-26-02) @ 14:00 an 18-wheeler overturned on I-77 @ mile marker 19, shutting down the interstate for 8 hours so that tow trucks could collect the wreckage and move it away. Sunday (10-27-02) @ 03:30 two cars going southbound on I-77 ran each other under bridge trusses @ mile marker 18, killing the driver of one car and the passenger of another. Once again the interstate was vertually a parking lot until 16:00 Sunday. Monday (10-28-02) @ 13:00 a tractor trailer carrying 5000 gallons of liquid lime slid off Beatties Ford Rd. and into the woods, shutting down the road for a two mile stretch. Long Creek VFD recieved the incident @ 13:53 and arrived to find no leaks or hazards, that was until the tow truck attempting to pull the tractor trailer out, ran off the road and busted his saddle tank, spilling 55+ gallons of diesel fuel all over the road. The fire dept. finally cleared @ 20:00, only to be called back out @ 22:00 to do a road wash down. Tuesday early morning approx. 05:00-06:00 trailerless tractor ran off I-77 once again!!! @ mile marker 19, slimming the interstate to one lane. North Meck Rescue and Medic 39 recieved as possible entrapment. Upon arrival, no injuries, Long Creek VFD called to contain diesel leak from tractors saddle tank. Tuesday 22:00 MVC on Sunset Rd. @ Woodlands Point Dr. Cooks Rescue and Medic 17 tx one Pt. priority 2 to CMC. Pt. later passed. Wednesday (10-30-02) @ 01:30 MVC with entrapment 5400 blk. Beatties Ford Rd. Cooks Rescue 12, Medic 17, Long Creek Eng. 1 and Squad 8 extricated Pt. and tx priority 2 to CMC. Wednesday 05:30 once again, Interstate 77 @ mile marker 20-21, once again, a tractor trailer with a small load skidded along 20 yards of guard rail, and finally came to rest after rolling overtop a bridge down a 30 foot embankment, entrapped and on fire. A witness to the wreck stopped and drug the driver out from the wreckage. North Meck Rescue, Medic 10, Medic 24, Long Creek Eng. 1, Tanker 2, Squad 8, Huntersville Eng 3, Ladder 1, Tanker 4, Gilead eng. 1 all on scene. Gilead 8, Cornelius 4 on stand by for foam. Luckily Thursday has been accident free so far....But it is Halloween, so we'll see.