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    does any one out there have in their company the power hawk system and if you do is there any tricks this machine does better than the hurst tool

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    We have one on our engine.
    fast setup,sealed unit(can be used in explosive areas),eletric(wont bog down in smoke), scissor action(the cutting blades can pass each other) great for popping hoods at MVA's to unhook battery, blades can be rotated on motor for tight spots.

    thin tips(tears more than spreads), weak compared to other tools, batteries dont last very long(we carry 2 battery packs and can also hook into trucks batteries)

    Its a very good tool for most MVA's, simple in design, it will cut, spread and ram with a single unit.

    if the tool cant do the job, at least we wont be standing around waiting on the heavy rescue truck.

    When rescue arrives, at least we have a purchase point for the hurst tools.
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