charlotte nc a 2 alarm fire at 2601 arnold drive injuried five people and caused 20 people to be home less. the building a 2 story brick and wod had heavy fire showing. very good attack using 4 large lines and good searchs save a few. damage to the building is heavy.a fire watch was maittained all night. no cause at this time. red cross relocating victims. no status on injuiried. 1st alarm engines 15,7,8, ladder1 bc 3 w/f rescue 3 engine 64 bc 4 2ndalarm engines 4,6,11,ladder 4 bc 1 engine6 ladder 4 held in stageing.good stop due to large body of fire on arrival.
fatal mva huntersville. hwy 115 at north meck high. very serious mva left one dead 1 injuried. late afternoon wreck. huntersvile,north meck rescue,medic charlotte meck police.flight service alerted.