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    Default Starting out a Volly

    I have a question for you all, I am a volunteer coordinator at a SW Ohio department (www.washingtontwp.org/fire) and am always being asked this question by new applicants.

    "Will this help me get a full time job?"

    I tell them not really but the experience sure can't hurt. Most of the Departments around here are only hiring laterally from other full time departments with almost no hiring 'within' from the volunteer ranks. Working part time does seem to help a little bit.

    I know the makeup of most Departments around here but how many of the guys on your Departments started out as a volly? Locally its probably about 75% of the full time staffs used to volunteer.

    Thanks for the input.


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    I work for a sort of small urban Dept of about 240 so I know everyone in the job. I started out as a volunteer and about 15 others, thats about it. I really don't know if thats typical or if other Depts have a larger percentage.I would imagine in combination or smaller suburban Depts that it might be higher

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