Well folks, somehow we survived anything major on 77 during the Halloween hours, much to my surprise. But, unfortunately around 17:30 today (11-01-02) 7-10 Vehicles were involved in a horrific MVC northbound @ exit 16 (Sunset Rd). Medic was faced with 2 priority Pt.'s, and 6-8 other Pt.'s. Four Medic units (12,25,28,30) and a number of ops supervisors were needed, along with CFD Eng. 18, 28 and Ladder 18. The contruction on the interstate seems to be in death race against the Maryland sniper. It's sad and unfortunate that each day we all cringe as we progress through the rush's on 77. It's like we're helpless, sitting back just waiting on the pager to go off. Personally I think this is too great of a price
to pay just to ease traffic.