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    Question Rescue techniques you use

    You are one of a two-person search and rescue team. You are searching a single story dwelling in heavy smoke conditions. An attack team has the fire under control. You find an average sized adult unresponsive on a bedroom floor.

    What specific carries, drags, etc. would you use? Do you use webbing or other tools that you carry with you? Do you go back the way you came in, or have the RIT make a new door for you?

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    Two rescuers and one person?? Grab the victim and out the way you came in. In the time it takes the RIC (or RIT or FAST, or ......) Crew to make a new door, Etc. Two average firefighters should have one average victim in an ambulance. Also, and I know that this will stir the pot, isn't the job of the RIC to worry about the people who are wearing PPE and entering the structure after the emergency began? Most FDs that I know of are very, very firm on the use of this concept, and they stress that the team is for rescuing our own. No one will ever leave a victim behind, but if the search team does not ask for help or if the need is not apparent, leave the RIC to worry about Firefighters. The thoughts above are based on adequate staffing for the job at hand, and, as we all know too well, things change (and go downhill fast) without warning. Stay Safe....
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    I'm with hwoods, two people 1 victim, drag em out. Am I going back the way I came? depends on what I found along the way. If I find a window, use it. As for any special drag, on a single story, one guy grabbing under arms, one guy grabbing knees and off we go. Other option, we all carry webbing and can make handcuff knot in matter of seconds, slip on, clip to gemtor harness and drag them out that way. There's lots of options for moving people, try them all, train on them, use what is called for in the particular situation.
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    Default Simple Drag

    Here's the technique I teach:

    1 firefighter takes a loop of webbing, drops it over the victim's chest and under his or her arms. This makes a great handle. 2nd firefighter places 1 or both of the victim's legs over his or her shoulder. FF1 drags while either crawling or standing if conditions permit, FF2 pushes while crawling. In practice, I've had 2 150 lb firefighters move a 260 lb ff in full gear across a carpeted floor 30-40 feet without difficulties.

    Going down stairs: FF1 either grabs victim under shoulders or uses webbing loop and pulls victim downstairs - works really well.

    Going up stairs: FF1 uses the webbing loop to lift victim just enough so their butt clears each step. FF2 drives victim upward, with victim's legs over FF2's shoulders. It's hard work, but works pretty well.

    I'd either follow my path in, or if I found another door, I'd use that. I'd radio that we were coming out with a victim, but 2 FF's should be able to remove a victim from a residence this way.
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