While the existing base of content and features on Firehouse.com will continue to be free for all and supported by advertising, the staff at Firehouse.com -- many of whom are emergency responders themselves -- have been working on ways to expand our content, add more high-end features and increase the usability of the site as a whole. This requires a significant investment in technology, content and staffing to maintain it

We are confident that for the price (less than $2 a month) those users who choose to be part of the MembersZone will be impressed with the level of content, community and services.

Firehouse.com continues to grow, and the MembersZone will help us grow both the free and paid areas of the site in the coming months and years. Your support is key to our continued growth. We thank the thousands who have already subscribed.

Again, our news, content and community you have come to expect are still free. These new content and features would not exist or be possible otherwise.

And most importantly these new subscribers will help the ENTIRE SITE grow as we continue to add infrastructure, staffing and resources to support both the main free and paid areas of the site. Without more staffing and resources, we would never be able to realize our long term goals of continuing to expand on what we're able to offer the world's first responders.

Our committment to provide the world's first responders with the vital information they need continues to be our top priority.