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    Default reformatting of a fire/police dispatch center

    Here is the lowdown:

    We have a central dispatch center that dispatches multiple fire, police, EMS, and some municipal services. Under our current system dispatchers must track several dispatch channels at once. We are trying to find a way to consolidate dispatching into one channel which would simplify the dispatchers job. Does anyone have any statistics or rules of thumb that state how large of a call volume one dispatch channel can support?

    PS- Our current dispatch center is very "law enforcement based" which makes it difficult for fire and EMS agencies to operate. Anyone who has gone through a major change in their dispatching or who has a set-up like ours and has made changes, your information would be helpful. We are also interested in any SOG's/SOP's pertaining to the assignmet of tactical channels. Let me know if you need more info or have questions.


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    What's the total population your 911 center handles? How many police channels are used? How many Fire? How many police officers on any given channel at once? How active are your police and fire departments? Calls per year per town?
    You may need to divide certain towns on certain channels. Do you really NEED a tactical channel? Or can you use it as a new police channel? Why is your fire channle being neglected? If there is an active fire or medical incident then there should be a dispatch on that channel until it is clear.
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