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    I have a simple set of TNT rescue tools that consist of just a simo pump, a cc30 combo-tool, and a ram. My question is how much better is having a seperate set of cutters and spreaders? I am looking at about $13000 to upgrade because I have to buy a new dual simo pump along with the set of cutters and speaders. I want to know if it is worth it especially if I don't make but about 6 jaws runs a year.

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    Simply put, anybodies Combi-Tool is an Compri-tool! What do I mean? When You design a tool to do two different task something has to give up to make the other work. Often this is the cutter portion of the tool. Tips get in the way typically! As for the budget for less than 6 tool jobs it may not be worth it, enless of course you are the victim entraped and the need is for a set of cutters that are not impeded by the tips! My argument for agressive rescue and adequate tools is that an Entrapment is the situation that you as a Fire Rescue team member have the greatest chance to save a life in (other than EMS), much more so than at a Fire. OK enough for my soap box, but do remember if you have only a combi tool you are not working with the Optimal Equipment.
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    I agree with Carl.

    But, if you are only using them 6-ish times a year, is it cost-effective to plunk down the extra cash for more tools?

    Probably you and people from your department are the only ones able to answer that question. If you have the cash to do it, I'd say go for it. But if you have other things that you need to buy and/or you are strapped financially, that might make a difference.

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    Just to clarify an observation, not ALL combination tools are created alike.. and from first-hand experience I can tell you that the Phoenix Rescue Tool does just as well cutting as it does spreading, and often times, that big cutting surface is even better than the separate cutter. The one drawback is that you must contend with the spreader tips out beyond the end of your cutting surface.

    But that was not the question. As for justification of a separate cutter to compliment your spreader/cutter, I am going to jump on the other side of the fence and say that I would seriously consider purchasing one. With the changes in automobile construction and materials, we have flip-flopped on how we address entrapements. When at one time we did about 80% spreading and 20% cutting, we are now more inclined to do 80% cutting and 20% spreading. Especially with maneuvers such as a dash roll, you will find that you are making more "releif cuts" to help the spreaders "tear" apart a car than using just the brute force of the spreader itself.

    Considering the one drawback we have with our spreader/cutter, that being the spreader tips that extend beyond the cutting surface, you will find a separate cutter to make many evolutions much easier to accomplish. Add to this that you are using a "simo" power unit, it would be prudent to have a separate cutter in your arsenal so that you can do more than just run a spreader/cutter and a ram at a scene. By adding an extra cutter, you will reduce the time it will take to perform most rescues. Even if this saves just ONE life, it is certainly worth the investment if you have the funds to do it.
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