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    Default Tools/Wood in front bumper??

    We're ordering a new Pierce Dash r/p in a few weeks. Our current newest Pierce has a 100' trash line in the front bumper that deploys via a drop down door. Problem is it(the drop down door) drags bottom at its corner in several areas in town and has been replaced a few times this year already.
    We'd like to retain the front pre-connect but go with a bumper top that hinges up, yet still allows the cab to tilt forward for maintenance issues.
    Someone recently posted a photo of a front bumper equipped with a hosereel, combi, and pre-connect(Resq14??) although I can't seem to find it in the prior posts. Could someone point the way, and if any others have tools or other equipment mounted in the front bumper, please post some pictures ... We'd like to get at least some initial cribbing placed there (4 stepchocks plus a cribbing bag) along with the hoseline.

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    Default Re: Tools/Wood in front bumper??

    Originally posted by kevinw
    Present and accounted for, even though it took me almost 24 hours to post. I'm slipping in my old age... I used to be able to brag about turnaround times for replies in the 10-15 minute range. And the sad part is I still don't have a life. hehe

    I think you're referring to this thread:

    There are several trucks shown here, including ours courtesy of Fire304 (it's on the second page).

    If you want to put things up there that water might damage, be sure to spec a weather-proof compartment.
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    Check out the Rattlesnake trucks at http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Trails/7873/Index6.html

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