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    Question Rotating Shift Commanders

    Looking for positive/negative input on periodic rotation of Shift Commanders. Shift Commanders now work with one shift exclusively. Considering mandatory periodic shuffling. Anyone have thoughts?

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    All four of our shift commanders do things just different enough to confuse the heck out of us if they were to rotate shifts. I wouldn't like it.
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    They did that here for a while. It created some major problems. Just like Engine5FF said, they did things just a little different and it caused some real problems. It turned out to be a real problem in the long run. Hopefully, they realize the folly of trying it again around here.
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    No way!!!!!

    A shift commander gets "in synch" (not the boy band! ) with the firefighters under his/her command.

    A shift commander gets to know everyone's idiosyncrasies, strengths, weaknesses and talents on and outside of the job and uses them to an advantage when the situation arises...for example,I have a firefighter on my group who is in the Air National Guard and works as part of an ARFF crew. If I have an aircraft incident, he's the person I would place "in command"...tell me what you need, and I'll get you the resources. Another one of my firefighters was on the District hazmat team...if there's a major "reallybadsnastycrap" hazmat incident, you can bet your bippy that I will special call him to the scene for advice. Another one of my firefighters operates heavy equipment on his side job...if I need his advice, he's my go to guy. Another one of my jakes used to work for a propane gas company...and so on....

    Every firefighter has a talent. It takes time to learn the capabilities of your personnel. I am second in command on my group, been on the group for a little over two years and I am still learning what talents they have.

    Some of you may not agree with me on the following....

    A good shift commander has to be willing to give up the command role to a subordinate if the subordinate has more expertise in the particulars of the incident. While the IC is still "in charge", utilizing your resources will make mitigating an incident a hell of a lot easier!

    PS: give credit where credit is due!
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