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    Default Fire Report on PDA

    Does anyone use a Palm Pilot or other PDA to do fire reports? Or do you know of available sofrware.
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    I have a palm pda, but mostly use it for ems. You can go to http://www.pocketmobility.com and http://www.palmgear.com to look for some software. Pocket Mobility is more focused on emergency services, formerly Science on the go. Palmgear has just about anything and everything both freeware and shareware. Hope that helps.

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    Default Rampart CST

    A company called Roam-IT has come up with some great software that operates on a Panasonic Toughbook (notebook computer) Although the software is currently for EMS, the whole set up makes sense for the Firefighting aspects of the job as well. A PDA can be used with it (has certain aspects of the software installed on it) in the field and than sinked to the Toughbook once back to the rig. I personally see this configuration working well in our industry. PDA's are small and can get lost as well as they don't have large enough screens to input enough info without having to cycle through a lot of screens. So the combinatioin of the 2 makes sense to me.

    I work closely with this company in regards to another company I have started called Emergilink. Their url is www.roam-it.com and mine is
    www.emergilink.org (temp. page)

    Hope we can both make something happen good out there.

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