I'm in the US Air Force in Belgium and we still own our house in Colorado. I used to "drag hose" in a part-time brigade when I was down in Australia, hence why I'm turning to you guys. Most of my calls down there were on the ambulance so I don't have much structural experience.

Bad news... we were just called by our management company and were told that the tenants had a grease fire. I've never been around to assess the "aftermath" so I'm at total loss at the moment. We're also in the last stages of an adoption so we can't fly home right now!!!!

So far, we know the kitchen is a total loss (she decided to "fight" it herself w/ an extinguisher and didn't call 911 - the 17 y/o across the street saw the smoke and called). I'm sure the extinquisher didn't help things at all!!!

What my question is to you all... what other stuff should I be telling my mgmt. company to look for? Given that it was "smoke showing" on arrival, I'm assuming they went in w/ at least a 2" hose so I'm sure the carpets aren't in good shape. We've been told there is significant smoke and soot damage through out the house (4 dr / 2,500 sq ft).

Here's a list of things I've come up w/ so far:
- standing water in the newly finished basement
- damage to the gas line behind the stove
- damage to any electrical running through that wall & ceiling
- damage to heating in same

Anyway... I'm not sure if this is more of a "vent" session for me than an actual attempt to gain information. Unfortunately, I'm having no luck searching the internet... guess I'm not using the right keywords.