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    Question Situps, Running, Pushups ONLY??

    I got a buddy in the Army and he says all that they do is run, do situps, and pushups. Would this be adequate for the fire dept.? Just curious.

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    Running, pushups and situps are a great start, but I don't think it's enough. Add a good resistance training program (read weightlifting) and you'd be better off. Pushups and situps just don't target all the muscles we use in firefighting. Besides, doing the same old thing every time gets boring.

    BTW, your buddy must be in a different Army than the one I was in

    Seriously though, the Army APFT uses pushups, situps, and a 2 mile run to evaluate overall fitness. You couldn't legitimately translate the APFT to a fire department fitness requirement, but as a personal baseline it has been an effective training tool for me. Look up APFT on the web and you'll eventually find a site that has scores for the various events (by age group and sex).

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    I believe that Stephano's book he talk about a "quickie" or fill in work out based on some cardio, pushups and squats. If I remember correctly, which is in doubt do to how much coffee I haven't had yet, these will exercise and develop the core muscles, having the greatest effect with minimal time involvement. If I also remember correctly he reccommends doing this only when you are unable to complete your full workout.

    I'll go look...


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