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    Question Defend in place tactics

    How many of you use defend in place tactics for high rise fires? What are some of the details of your procedures? We still evacuate entire buildings here and it is chaos! I have talked to some firefighters from the States who are using defend in place tactics and I am just looking to get some more info. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Defend in place doesn't work. When someone finds out that the building they are in is on fire they will try to leave or see how bad it is.
    Now after what happened to the WTC you will be hard pressed to convince the public that the building that they are in is safe.
    I don't have an answer for getting an evacuation to go smoother. Even with dedicated stairwells the public will get in your way. A rapid evacuation is the only way to get to the fight faster.

    If anyone has a success story or a good tactic for this please share it with us. As far as I've seen defend in place doesn't work.

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